owners want to punish $ 1.65 trillion

    The amount of compensation required by world record majors from the owner of amounted to $ 1.65 trillion, the newspaper Vedomosti reports .

    The Russian company Mediaservices is accused of copyright infringement of companies such as EMI, Sony BMG, Universal Music and Warner Music. “The defendant distributes millions of copies of musical works, the copyright of which belongs to the plaintiffs, without paying a penny,” the lawsuit said. Record companies also accuse Mediaservices of unfair competition: “The defendant’s actions prevent plaintiffs from distributing their products through legal online services such as iTunes.”

    Considering how many times Americans downloaded files from from June to October 2006 (it turned out 11 million times), the plaintiffs decided to recover the maximum compensation from Mediaservices for each case of copyright infringement. “According to Art. 504 of the American copyright law, the maximum compensation is $ 150,000, the source writes. “Based on these numbers, we can talk about $ 1.65 trillion.”

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