Euroset restricts sales of Nokia phones

    The management of the retail network "Euroset" ordered employees to reduce sales of Nokia phones from August 23. “Nokia phones should be without descriptions, on the far shelf, sold only if the buyer insists,” said Evgeny Chichvarkin, chairman of the board of directors of Euroset, to the employees of the company at the disposal of Interfax .

    “To my shame, I have to admit that we spent 5.5 years talking with the Nokia management and are now at a dead end again. Fashion models don’t load us, and they want to give business to their employees to friends with Vertu (a luxury brand of Nokia). Also, we are not Nokia distributors in the CIS countries, ”writes Chichvarkin.

    According to his order, sellers of salons are deprived of bonuses for the sale of Nokia models. Eugene Chichvarkin also banned the use of Nokia phones by employees for personal purposes in the company's offices from October 1. “You can evaluate your phones at any price and sell them as used ones, take the money completely for yourself,” the letter says.

    The head of the board of directors of Euroset predicts the resumption of full cooperation with Nokia in the first quarter of 2008.

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