“Clouds of tags”, improving navigation properties.

    Tell me, do we often use tag clouds (upd.) To search? - So far, only out of curiosity, but to navigate the site we use the classic menu.
    I think that in the form in which the "clouds" have become popular (as now on Habré) this interface element carries more of an information and decorative function than a navigation one .
    Now “clouds” are an invitation to search by one keyword and an indicator of its relative popularity. - And before we could not search by one keyword? Could.
    In my opinion, the “cloud” should be “crossed” with the classic form of filter search.
    Just to add to the Tagam tickand the button “Forward!” under the "cloud". In this form, “Cloudform” acquires flexible navigation functions - you can search by one keyword (with a simple click), or by several.

    In the near future I will make such a site (we are waiting for payment), TK approved :)
    Depending on the planned number of objects and their diversity, different breeds of cloud search forms can be displayed by mixing classic interface elements and grouping tags (for example, color).
    Considering that people do not like innovations, they will have to keep “classic” images of menus, buttons, etc. What will it lead to? In addition, on the portals in the near future the whole page will be a large form of search.
    Upd. If there is no exact match in the search results - not a problem, objects should be displayed in the order of the greatest match of tags.

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