Nozzle's interview is just some kind of gift

    No comment, just excerpts from an interview with Anton Nosik .

    Whatever Pininfarina twists and turns we stuffed the “Bentley”, my mother will not even sit behind his wheel for nothing: it’s not clear where to get spare parts for such a monster, where is the service, and it’s a pity to spend 10 thousand dollars a year on CASCO insurance. The same goes for blogging. Someone needs full access to leverage, for such people there is WordPress. Someone needs a community with a ready-made audience, this is LiveJournal. Someone needs to never think about anything on their blog, welcome to Blogs @ Mail.Ru.

    At a press conference on October 18, we will explain the meaning of our deal with SixApart. But we won’t say a word about our possible deals with LiveInternet, MySpace or Mamba.

    As part of my cooperation with Yandex, I signed a non-disclosure agreement a year and a half ago, preventing me from answering this question competently. Therefore, I can only recommend that you ask these questions to the right people on Yandex (Ushakov, Volozhu, Ivanov, another Ivanov, Volnukhin). For my part, as CBO of SOUP, I can say this: I hope that Yandex blogging will seriously compete with LiveJournal. Otherwise, I will have to think that LJ success cannot be repeated. I, as the CBO of the company managing the LiveJournal brand and service in Russia, do not like this idea.

    Hybrid Internet media, where professional copyright news and the opinions of bloggers are packed in one bottle, has yet to be created. I could do this, but the SOUP takes too much of my time and energy, so I'm still out of the game. I really like Deniskins. Let's see how Leha Andreev answers him.

    Totally here . Bravo, toodoo!

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