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    Coursera is a platform that previously provided access to free online courses. The resource was founded in 2012 and began to rapidly gain popularity: the opportunity to listen to free online lectures on a huge number of disciplines and, in fact, get a diploma, attracted people from all over the world.

    But, as it usually happens, the business took over charity: the Administration of the Coursera gradually, but inevitably, began to “tighten the screws” and transfer the site to a paid form of interaction with users.

    Access to the latest free lectures and courses was closed on July 1. But nevertheless, the administration made a small step towards the users and provided an opportunity for anyone to download training materials while they were freely available.

    Since the site owners themselves no longer helped to maintain access to the knowledge placed on the Coursera, it was clear that free access to the full and structured amount of information had come to an end.

    But still, part of the data from Coursera found shelter on the site. Archive Team - a group of enthusiasts working closely with , began to gradually download the data drawn from the old Coursera. Now it looks more like a dump of files, without any structure and design, however, it is hoped that the team will not abandon this project and lead the saved lectures to the proper form.

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