Wargaming bought Finnish game developer Boomlagoon


    The company-developer of games Wargaming announced the purchase of the Finnish studio Boomlagoon, according to the official website of the company. Founded by former Rovio employees, Boomlagoon Studio will be involved in the development of mobile projects as part of WG. One of the last projects of the Finnish company was the card game Monsu and the role-playing game Spirit Hunter.

    “Wargaming spent several years in becoming the leader of a game maker not only for PCs, but also consoles and mobile platforms,” said Keith Kawahata, head of the company's mobile division.

    Kawahata also noted that Boomlagoon shares the views of Wargaming on product creation and is able to share important knowledge in the development of mobile games.

    “Thanks to the entry into Wargaming, we will be able to continue to create high-class mobile games, and also be able to attract expertise to the development and publishing of F2P games that Wargaming has,” added Boomlagoon head Anti Steen.

    As part of the development of mobile units, Wargaming will deploy an office in Helsinki. The head office of the company is still located in Minsk, Belarus. At the same time, the management of the company is carried out by top management from abroad, mainly from Cyprus.

    Before buying the WG studio, Boomlagoon attracted $ 3.6 million of investments in four rounds with the help of four investors. The exact amount of the transaction between the studio and Wargaming is not called.

    Boomlagoon is not the first WG acquisition. Since 2012, the company has acquired a number of studios. The first major purchase of WG was the Australian developer of the game engine Bigworld, which was used in the only project of the company World Of Tanks. Later, Wargaming acquired several US studios to develop and port their games to the console.

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