Roskomnadzor showed the blocking of pirated content in mobile applications

    This is probably done with reference to the Telegram messenger, in which books and TV series are being published now.

    Roskomnadzor continues to educate users of the Vkontakte social network about various aspects of using illegal content. Today, the ministry has published a scheme for restricting access to illegal content in mobile applications. Most likely, this scheme was developed taking into account the activation of "pirates" in the protected Telegram messenger. Here they began to publish e-books and series, without the permission of the copyright holders.

    Infographics Roskomnadzor - this is "recommendations for limiting access to illegal content in mobile applications." Browsers, converters, instant messengers, search engines, mail agents were included in the category of mobile applications.

    The applications themselves are divided into two main types - unspecialized, which are not intended for distributing content, but allowing access to data of a particular type. And specialized, designed exclusively for content distribution. The scheme itself is below.

    In addition, Roskomnadzor spoke about the responsibility of operators engaged in the processing of personal data. According to the department, the person performing the processing of personal data may be a state or municipal body, a legal entity or an individual. Moreover, the operators of these bodies and individuals are regardless of the inclusion in the register of operators, which leads the department .

    Operators guilty of violating the Law are administrative or criminal responsible (disciplinary, substantive, and civil law in labor relations).

    By the way, Roskomnadzor calls itself the authorized body for the protection of the rights of personal data subjects in accordance with the UN declaration.

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