Valve launches SteamVR for Linux for developers and provides access to tracking stations


    The company Valve - one of the developers of the virtual reality helmet HTC Vive, has published SteamVR for Linux-based systems, according to the official Steam website . The corresponding repository for collecting feedback and accounting bugs was created on GitHub .

    So far, this feature is available only to developers, and only in the latest beta version of the Steam client. With other versions of VR for Linux will not work.

    Also, for the correct operation of VR, there are requirements for other software, specifically for video card drivers. This is 375.27.10 Beta Driver Developer on Vulcan for Nvidia cards. AMD production cards require a pre-release version of the radv draveira. Intel HD Graphics not expectedly supported.

    A complete list of requirements for settings and software can be found in the readme in the repository on GitHub.

    Also, the company Gabe Newell offers full access to the tracking stations SteamVRthat track the location of a virtual reality helmet and controllers using infrared sensors. In the future, Valve allows the creation of any other commercial orientation systems based on their technology without paying royalties . Separate stations will be available for purchase during this year. Also, developers will have access to the documentation in English and Chinese.

    Valve is actively involved in the development of the VR market. In early February, the founder and CEO of the company, Gabe Newell, told reporters that Valve now, apart from working on the HTC Vive helmet, is developing three VR games at once. At the same time, he notes that so far only 30 VR games have been able to earn more than $ 250 thousand , which indicates a very, very small market.

    It is also important that Valve keeps its word in terms of supporting the Linux community. Until 2012, gaming was the sole prerogative of Windows users, but after the introduction of support for Linux platforms on Steam, the situation began to change for the better. The system SteamOS, developed by Valve, is also based on Linux, and the creation of tools for developers further strengthens the position of free operating systems in the gaming market.

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