Google Play will appear on Chrome OS this year


    Today, Google announced plans to integrate Google Play into Chrome OS along with a full list of applications. The first version of Google Play will be available in the assembly of Chrome OS 53, which can be downloaded in the channel for developers in early June, and the final version should be released closer to the end of this year. At this point, support for Google Play should get most devices with Chrome OS, using both ARM chips and x86.

    The upgrade process to the version from Google Play will take place in standard mode, and after updating Chrome OS will notify you of a significant innovation and will offer to enter your account information to combine all the data used on other devices. In total, more than 1.5 million applications will be available to owners of devices with Chrome OS with the ability to synchronize between all Android devices.


    Applications from Google Play in Chrome OS will have the opportunity of three display modes, along with multitasking support within the operating system. Of course, due to the lack of adaptation to the display size of Chrome OS devices, some applications may not display correctly. Developers of most popular applications are already working on optimizing their own solutions for maximum compatibility with Chrome OS.

    Applications are launched as part of the Android framework inside the Linux container. All these applications gain access to wireless networks and other system resources, which makes their integration with the system identical to standard applications. Application brakes are virtually eliminated due to the greater power of the Chromebook Pixel 2 and other Chrome OS devices compared to the vast majority of smartphones.

    Despite initial skepticism, according to IDC in the first quarter of 2016, the Chrome OS operating system took second place in popularity after Windows. Chrome OS devices bypassed Macs in the same quarter in sales, and integration with Google Play could provide a significant increase in new users by expanding the list of available applications.

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