Atlas on Gikpiknik

    Last year, Atlas made its debut at Hick Picnic with the original program: “ Genotyping in the field ”. For two days in the park “Krasnaya Presnya” 150 people passed the test to determine the mutation of the “adventurism gene” DRD4. Under the guidance of our specialist, Vera Bashmakova, they independently extracted DNA from their saliva. Then the PCR results showed that the “adventurous” mutation of the DRD4 gene was detected in 5% of geeks.

    This year, the “gene of adventurism” will be replaced by the “warrior gene” COMT. By the way, geeks are waiting for not only genotyping, but also an open lecture hall of our fellow scientists: let's talk about genes, microbiota, proper nutrition and the fight against aging.

    What the gene is

    The “warrior gene” COMT encodes a catechol-O-methyltransferase protein. It destroys adrenaline, norepinephrine and dopamine - the famous neurotransmitters that determine the majority of our emotions. Dopamine is considered a "hormone" of pleasure and satisfaction, and norepinephrine in its action is similar to adrenaline: it is responsible for wakefulness and quick response to stressful situations.

    Stress resistance depends on the work of the enzyme (neutralizer) of these neurotransmitters. A more active enzyme deactivates dopamine in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is responsible for processing information and pleasant sensations.

    There are three different alleles of the COMT gene. The active GG mutation on rs4680 polymorphism is found in those very "warriors". People with this option are better adapted to stressful situations, they are open to communication, they have a better memory. But because of the low level of dopamine, they get less pleasure from life, are more prone to depression, they have less developed motor functions.

    The low-active AA variant is the direct opposite of the “warrior”: such a textbook “crazy scientist” with outstanding intellectual abilities who panics on any occasion. The carriers of such a mutation are well developed fine motor skills and ingenuity, but they do not tolerate pain and lose composure in stressful situations.

    There is also an intermediate variant of the COMT gene - GA heterozygote, which occurs in most people. It defines the middle ground between the two extremes. Carriers of this variant of the gene are able to make rational decisions in stressful situations, but this does not prevent them from enjoying life in the intervals between the salvation of the world.

    By the way, in English, the gene is called Warrior or Worrier.
    You can take part in free genotyping and find out your version of the gene at our booth.

    What kind of lecture

    This year we launched a full-fledged lecture hall in the science zone. Speakers will be employees of Atlas and friends of the company.

    June 18:
    12:00 Dmitry Nikogosov: “Gluten, alcohol and lactose intolerance”
    13:30 Daria Yakovishin: “Reading the genome - how does it work? Sequencing methods from 2001 to 2016 ”
    15:00 Irina Zhegulina:“ How the blood runs cold from fear ”
    16:30 Mikhail Batin:“ The task about the two islands: how we can beat aging faster ”
    18:00 Alexander Karasyov:“ Brain, genes and stress ”
    20:00 Larisa Bavykina:“ Summer, sun, vitamin D ”

    June 19:
    12:00 Vladislav Mileyko:“ Supergenetics of superpowers ”
    13:30 Denis Kuzmin:“ Genetically modified organisms: a phantom threat? ”
    15:00 Alexander Tyakht: “Rich inner world: what do your bacteria know about you”
    16:30 Timofey Glinin: “Neurostimulation: how to stop worrying and start thinking better”
    17:30 Yuri Deygin: “Krionika: an ambulance to eternal life "
    18:30 Anastasia Egorova:" The story of the only obstacle that stands between us and immortality "
    20:00 Alexei Turchin:" Road map of immortality "

    Even in these two festival days, we plan to play a free genetic test. The details will be on Saturday morning at our booth and on the Facebook page.
    We are waiting for everyone at “ GikPiknik ” this weekend, June 18-19, in Kolomenskoye Park. And don't forget the umbrellas!

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