MediaTek Labs invites you to a free webinar on developing smart home gadgets

    May 24, 2016 MediaTek Labs invites everyone to the third online seminar from a special cycle dedicated to the stages from the idea of ​​the Internet of things to a real commercial project. The invited expert this time will be Edward Kay, MediaTek Labs Developer Relations Manager. The seminar will last about an hour, the second half of the meeting will traditionally be devoted to questions and answers.

    In the first two meetings of the cycle, the current state of the Internet of things industry and the problem of big data were considered. This time the topic of the seminar will be no less important: safety.

    So security is one of the major problems facing the growing Internet of Things industry. The IoT market is only at the beginning of development, and therefore is fragmented, and, as a result, when creating new devices, no common safety standards are used. However, such uncertainty provides ample opportunities for independent solution of the problem, especially when security is initially the key condition of the project.

    At the seminar, we propose to explore some of the security issues facing the emerging Internet of things market.

    • Tasks and problems of security implementation in the project.
    • Protection against hacking.
    • Integration of safety standards at the initial stage of the project.

    Attention! The number of places is limited, please register by the link .

    Date: May 24, 2016
    Where: online
    Time: 12:00 (Moscow); 14:00 (Ekaterinburg); 15:00 (Novosibirsk); 16:00 (Krasnoyarsk); 19:00 (Khabarovsk).
    Language: English.

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