Removing restrictions or second level of thinking

    Problem: people love to invent their own boundaries, frames, obstacles, voluntarily put on mental chains. And it really hinders: both your specific business, and human civilization as a whole. One of the ways in which it will be possible to win the “self-limiting thinking” in oneself is to abandon the outdated concept of the Target Audience.


    In ancient India, there were castes (in fact, it would be more correct to have “varnas”, but for faster mastering of the context it would be easier to use the more common notion of castes): brahmans, kshatriyas, vaisyas and the lowest — the Untouchables (well, the insolvent population). Now it seems wild, but earlier it was believed that the need for education is needed only to brahmans, kshatriyas - this is the audience of arms buyers there, or any land; Well, the most zashkvarny people are not capable of anything at all: neither learn, nor change profession, nor open their business - so they don’t have to offer this. Oh, and there were wild times, right? Wait a minute though ...


    So, now in the XXI century many people still think that a person is still not able to change either his level of education, or his profession, or even his gender; although reality has long shown us the opposite. With the advent of the Internet and the maximum availability of any information - yesterday's wipers suddenly become marketers, McDonald's cashiers go into design, and retired old women lead hand-made groups on social networks. This is already a reality for which the target audience of marketers was not ready.

    After all, in order to accept such a reality, we urgently have to abandon the fundamental laws of the “Target Audience”, where it is clearly stated that a man cannot be interested in buying a women's handbag, the girl does not have the right to play Tanchiki, the railwayman will never become a start-up ...

    Understandably, I am exaggerating in order to more clearly show the artificiality of all those invented frames that prevent us all from growing and developing exponentially.

    for example

    Let's try to visually show how the old “linear” thinking deprives each of you up to 90% of all potential customers. Just recently, one of the owners of the Baby Calendar service has publicly turned to runet experts with a question: how can the situation be improved on its portal?

    In my opinion, this whole situation has become an ideal litmus test that vividly shows the difference between people with old thinking and people of the new formation, to whom the future belongs:

    A) All the people of the linear mindset went on the beaten track and began to advise to improve the design of the site: well, rework the menu, add air, round the buttons - and with all these banal recommendations to restore the beauty on the pages to continue working with a very limited contingent of visitors, namely only with pregnant women. Here, it is clearly shown how the expert’s internal frameworks (mental blinders) prevent at least a little beyond the limits of typical obshchiny techniques: To

    put it bluntly (and judging by the birth statistics available on Yandex), all these “menu designers” categorically insist that Portal would never exceed 1-2 percent of the total population of Russia.

    “Less is possible, more is not, because well, it’s not the peasants who go to shame at such woman’s website, gygygy?” Actually, no.

    B) And in contrast, let us show how it would be possible to free your brain and ask yourself the question: “How can we try to increase the portal’s audience not by 0.001% by improving usability of icons, but two, three, five or even ten times ? How to scoop handfuls from an endless resource for a non-target audience? ”

    Do you think this is impossible? Let's try to make out how to interest such a site for all those who are not in the closed caste "pregnant woman"?

    1. There are young girls who plan to give birth not tomorrow, but definitely sometime later. They may be interested in:

    How should they choose a decent father, how to find a suitable job, how to issue a decree or alimony lawfully, what professions will allow to support the child independently, without relying on her husband's earnings?

    Another couple of millions of people may be interested in volunteer programs for working with boarding schools (practice on someone else in front of their institution), or there the School is like a young lady, or a chat for getting to know the guys - all this will attract all those girls who are now simply rejected by designers. and marketers as "women in labor".

    2. There are still loving husbands and just young guys - and unless they have nothing to do on the portal? According to the medieval laws of Central Asia, it seems to be yes, but what if you give daily nutrition advice for their pregnant wives (with advertising about discounts on yogurt in the nearest Pyaterochka), that if you give psychological, economic and legal advice again (for example, where spend the future maternity capital), recommendations for nursing homes for pregnant women, or simply suggest to pass joint tests for psychological convergence. Then their beloved wives will take out the brain themselves with the requirements to immediately download and install such a wonderful and multifaceted Baby Calendar application on your smartphone! Here you have a few millions of visitors, so atypical with the old linear approach to business.

    3. Further, each child grows and develops not only in the womb, and therefore monitor his diet, safety, health, and success in education - not only the first 9 months, but the next 16 years. So there should be a calendar of country camps for children, Schedule of city sections, Audio lessons on self-defense and chat for joint homework, and maybe a heading Jobs for summer jobs and the Community of city quests ...

    4. And there are still exhausted grandmothers who constantly they do not know what to give to their grandson every year for their birthday, and there is still a search for missing children in their city, and there is also an online training for playing the guitar and English ...

    Just a couple of minutes allotted by the author of the article for the chaotic sketching of ideas - clearly showed that millions of dollars and new users - are always clearly behind the brackets of our classic concept of the target audience.

    Yes, it will be laborious, because you have to do each new “atypical” functionality at this level of quality and love for its potential users to create a new lifestyle, form new habits and entice users from the same contact to your new service.

    (By the way, this article refers ten times to the designers of VKontakte, because today, with such opening opportunities and technologies, for two whole years to redraw just the news feed interface is, of course, a public demonstration of the absence of even the slightest development strategy and progress).

    It is difficult, and it is much easier, without bothering yourself, to declare that well — they are these non-target men, and in general, well, all of them, and that it is much more profitable in our time to deal with rubble and building materials than to promote the useless social networks and websites (and this is really ).


    Yes, all this personalization and BigData, beloved by many, is as inflexible and intolerant as any other statistic about the past. History is only history, not an accurate forecast of further events.

    Any information about what the group or one person did before - they do not say anything at all about what he wants to do right now or plans to do later. Never. This should be clearly marked for yourself.

    Here, a man has never been to Greece before, has never divorced and has never visited a swimming pool - and suddenly a bang, and wanted both, and the other, and the third. I wanted hard and already ready to pay a lot of money for these desires - but even the “smartest system” or a classic marketer will never guess about it, since there is no similar data in their statistics and database: “People with his wealth and lifestyle statistics do not divorce - so sit down and do not rock the boat. "

    This unfortunate person may want to change religion or food style, furniture in an apartment or country of residence, but people with linear thinking and cars will not react at all.

    “Sorry, but we have previously identified you in another caste and therefore all such advertisements do not appear to you as unworthy. Live only in Uryupinsk and play only tanchiki, and there is no need to evolve anywhere else so as not to spoil our diagrams. ”

    And how do you like it? But this is not the worst.

    The past should not determine the future.

    Why, then, did I take up arms and, with rather harsh phrases, allow myself to criticize the existing generally accepted rules for evaluating people according to their past deeds? The fact is that I can very clearly see the impending impending disaster, which will literally destroy our world in one generation and its name is Portfolio.

    So, these same portfolios have already been introduced into kindergartens, and Satan himself would not have invented better. Right now, our and your children are literally from the age of 2 entering into a special portfolio all their achievements and outstanding events, as well as any problems in a child’s life, and all this is simply disgusting.

    No, if the people of Earth already possessed the flexibility of thinking and admitted the possibility of evolution and cardinal change for any person, then the idea with the Portfolio would be excellent, but for the time being ...

    Imagine a situation when you are denied the position of the head of a department just because you were picking your nose longer in the kindergarten, and (I quote): “we don’t need such a dolt” (and between the lines: but 55% of children picking their nose 35 years show low percentage of sales).

    Or you receive a letter saying that at the last moment they took another person to the post of timblid, because he had previously learned to pot in a manger a month earlier, and in fact “they need fast-trained workers”.

    When you were 5 years old you didn’t speak out the letter Р and now you want to become a negotiator, but how can you “lazy” with your clients? "Dismiss such immediately marked in the portfolio that people never change."

    I once in school in grade 7 received only “Four” in English, and I can already hear how a girl kadovichka rattles me on the phone exactly two times younger than me in age: "- Sorry, but we need a specialist with excellent knowledge of the language, but for sure, since then nothing has improved with you, as people, as a species, are not able to learn anything new at all. "

    Such thinking in its essence is no different from racism, which we constantly reproach the United States with, and it turns out that, imperceptibly, we are deeply stuck in it ourselves. Yes, yes, this is the most common racism to build a business strategy on clear rules: a typical man will not do this, a standard woman does not want to, and an average child who does not exist in nature, but invented using the “Character Method”, will be happy only with such an interface . It is frantic and undisguised racism, belittling and demeaning human abilities, our curiosity and desire for development, our faith in the new and the thirst for knowledge of everything previously unknown. Our individual characteristics, after all.

    That is why, sooner or later, all of us will have to free our heads from the concept of Central Asia, artificially invented by us, liberate our thinking and realize that the maximum potential for growth exists only where the “fence” into which you mentally drove your typical cardboard one and a half percent of clients .

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