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    Summer is coming - a favorite time for holidays. On the threshold of this, I began to plan trips, namely: a trip to the mountains and a family trip to the sea. Considering our technological age of constantly creating different gadgets, I was curious about what interesting things the developers have prepared for travelers. Below is a selection of interesting and in my opinion useful devices that can be taken on the road.

    To stay connected

    The first thing that caught the eye was the solar battery charger * .

    Just an indispensable gadget for trips to remote corners of nature. I have had situations where for several weeks I could not find an outlet to recharge a mobile or battery for a camera. And sometimes to stay in touch is simply vital, especially being far from civilization.

    According to the descriptions and stories of friends, the gadget charges the device even in relatively cloudy weather and is not afraid of moisture.

    For kids

    Considering that the rest by the sea will be in the company of three hyper-active kids ages from 4 to 10 years old, I liked these toys * working on a solar battery.

    Moreover, it is possible in one fell swoop to kill two birds with one stone - to hold children for a while and at the same time unobtrusively introduce in practice the effects of solar energy.

    Gadgets are made in the form of various beetles * , turtles * , typewriters * , boats * , airplanes * , etc.

    To diversify the game, you can also independently assemble a robot * , which also works from solar energy.

    For photos

    Traveling without photos is impossible for me. And given the specifics of hiking, mountainous terrain, different weather conditions, the camera should be very durable. It is also desirable that it be compact and lightweight (after all, even without that, you have to carry a lot of cargo on yourself).

    I was interested in this model - the SJ7000 camera * :

    It has a durable, shockproof and gutter body. The dimensions are small and all the specifications are also suitable.

    For mobility

    A smart watch is a gadget in itself useful and not only for traveling. It has long been thought to buy one.

    I liked the model UWatch U8 * . It contains all the required functions: the ability to voice call and answer a call, a set of messages, address book synchronization, alarms and reminders. There is a remote control camera phone. The standby time of smart watches reaches 7 days.

    There is a very useful AntiLost feature that signals a signal loss (when synchronized with a smartphone or tablet). Approximately at a distance of 10-15 meters, the signal is lost, which makes it possible to immediately detect the loss or theft of a mobile device.

    For lighting

    I have been hiking for years and I know perfectly well that I cannot do without a flashlight. But how uncomfortable every time they excel and tie it to the ceiling of the tent. And this is how you can simplify your life with a simple add-on: LED Hook Lamp * .

    A simple but useful thing that can be used as a flashlight or as a night light to illuminate the tent. Powered by conventional AAA batteries, has three modes of brightness: medium, high and SOS.

    For drinking

    Traveling to different places I constantly encounter the lack of clean drinking water. And even in European countries it is not always possible to count on the fact that water will be of acceptable quality. What can I say about traveling to a more exotic area, remote from civilization. For example, in Dahab - the favorite Egyptian city of divers, water had to be bought exclusively in shops, and even then, its quality left much to be desired.

    Looking through the sites I accidentally stumbled upon a water purifier * in the form of a tube.

    In my opinion, brilliant and simple. With the help of such a simple-looking device, you can easily protect yourself from viruses and bacteria. This small device neutralizes potentially dangerous microorganisms.

    For video

    And the final gadget will be the recently popular multicopter - JJRC H8C * .

    The copter is quite compact, works with a frequency of 2.4 GHz, has 2 GB of memory. The flight time lasts up to 8 minutes, and the range is about 100 m. The two-megapixel camera can shoot HD video and take photos in a resolution of 1280x720.

    A feature of the JJRC H8C are its powerful LED indicators, which are perfectly visible during the day, even from a long distance, not to mention the night.

    Much more can be taken on the road - it all depends on the type of travel. There are interesting gadgets for bike rides, rafting on mountain streams, diving tours and extreme walks in the wilderness. I considered the most versatile devices that can be useful in almost every trip.

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