$ 20,000 for Classic. EBay Apple iPods Have Been Collectible

    If you are one of those few lucky ones who for some reason purchased, but didn’t manage to even use and even unzip the iPod, today it may help you to patch more than one hole in the budget, writes The Guardian. Like 60s baseball cards, epic Star Wars action figures from the 80s or Beanie Babies from the 90s, Apple players from the early 2000s fell into the rarity category. Interest in first-generation iPods rose exponentially after the company announced in September 2014 the completion of the iPod Classic.

    Prices for some pre-packaged models offered by reputable sellers on the eBay site are breaking records. So, for example, for iPod Shuffle 3rd-Generation (4GB) you can earn $ 999.95,iPod Classic 5th Generation White (80GB) - $ 1,394.99, iPod mini 1 Generation Silver (4GB) - $ 2,499.99.

    Do not think that these numbers are the upper limit of the appetites of the owners of rarities. Much more interesting are the prices of products in the Special Edition category, which included the black and red Rare Apple iPod 30 GB Video U2 Special Edition Black , released by Apple in conjunction with U2 and priced at $ 6,995.95.

    For the right to own a first-generation vintage iPod Classic, collectors will have to unfasten $ 9.999.99, and for the second-generation Apple iPod Classic 2nd Generation White (20 GB) with a spinning wheel - some kind of ridiculous $ 19.999.99.

    Terapeak- A company that tracks and analyzes the prices and trends of collectible lots on eBay has published a study on the prices of Apple products, which, inter alia, reflected data on sales of iPods in the original packaging. Among the lots that went off the virtual hammer last November was the Apple iPod 30 GB Video U2 Special Edition for which $ 90,000 was paid. And given that the production of models from the legendary family was discontinued, this record, analysts say, is more likely total will be beaten.

    Special attention should be paid to sets of several collectible items. So a boxed set of three models of the first or fourth generation iPods are presented on site at a price of $ 50,000. Collector from Israel Michael Friedman has long been composing a similar collection. Today it boasts a full range of players of all issues in its original packaging. And the idea to make a collection arose at the moment when Michael received his first iPod as a gift, but did not open the box then. Well, maybe now is his time.

    Rarely gaining weight rarities, one way or another connected with the company and of interest to collectors are not limited to just players, The Guardian notes. In private collections, objects from the living history of Apple are waiting in the wings, primarily related to the era when the company was headed by Steve Jobs himself.

    The Guardian

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