Briton faces prison for bypassing blocked sites

    imageA division of British police working in the field of crimes with intellectual property, accuses a resident of Bikersfield in organizing Internet services that allow to bypass the blocking of sites prohibited in the country. The accused faces a real jail sentence.

    20-year-old Calum Haywood [Callum Haywood] was arrested in 2014 in connection with the organization of the site Immunicity, which allowed using a network of proxy servers to bypass the blocking of sites banned by the government. Then he was released on bail.

    During the investigation, he was associated with the organization of other similar services - in particular, (providing access to The Pirate Bay),, (providing access to Kickass Torrents),, and some others.

    At the same time, these sites did not host pirated content and did not offer torrent files or other means for downloading illegal content - they simply served as proxy services for other sites. Interestingly, some UK Internet providers still simply have not blocked access to prohibited sites.

    Division Director Kiron Sharp [Kieron Sharp], however, states that proxy services are no less illegal than the "pirated" sites themselves.

    The Haywood case is still awaiting trial. How the court decides to deal with sites that are not designed for profit and that work only as intermediaries, time will tell.

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