Compare prices for gadgets offered by GearBest for your birthday?

I think all local readers are already well acquainted with the Chinese online store GearBest. And this is not surprising, since these guys primarily focused on the progressive public and therefore try to present gadgets for every taste. Despite the fact that the project is only 2 years old, the interest in them is just incredible. According to data from, over the past 2 years they have grown to 56 million visitors per month, which is almost 2,000,000 people per day. This is 3 times more than such Russian mastodons like Mvideo, Yulmart or Eldorado. It is not surprising that with such growth they sometimes send parcels for a long time, but I think it bothers us no less than they themselves, since on their 2nd birthday they had prepared in advance and all the goods offered were already awaiting shipment at Gearbest warehouses.

But will there really be any good deals? Let's look at already well-known products and compare prices with the current on GearBest, with AliExpress and with Banggood.

ps Intel and PayPal help to make prices, so we expect a good result :)

We selected 10 products that pleased us most.

1. Tablet on Windows 10 - Chuwi Hi10

Chuwi hi10
GearBest 21.03 (700 items)$ 156.99 * (10738 rub.)
GearBest ordinary$ 169.89 * ( 11620 rub.)
Aliexpress$ 203.40 * (13913 rub.)
Banggood$ 181.99 * (12,448 RUR)
It is indicative that GearBest used to have the best price on this tablet, and now it's even better. We already wrote about it in our articles, where we recommended the Chuwi Hi10 as one of the most interesting budget tablets on Windows 10, so the discount is very useful, though only 700 people can get it.

2. 12-inch high-power tablet Chuwi Hi12

Chuwi hi12
GearBest 21.03 (700 items)$ 219.89 * (15041 rubles)
GearBest ordinary$ 255.21 * (17457 rub.)
Aliexpress$ 273.99 * (18741 rub.)
Banggood$ 269.99 * (18468 rubles)

Chuwi Hi12 is suitable for those who are looking for an easy gadget to work on Windows 10 with a screen much higher than a telephone, but not as big as a desktop computer. If you have a rubber budget, then, of course, look at Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with the same screen and for 50 000 rub, but if you want something for adequate money, then Chuwi Hi12 is an excellent choice.

3. Onda OBook 10 Tablet

Onda OBook10
GearBest 21.03 (400 items)$ 149.99 * (10259 rub.)
GearBest ordinary$ 178.61 * (12,217 rubles)
Aliexpress$ 186.00 * (12722 rub.)
Banggood$ 205.99 * (14090 rub.)
Onda OBook 10 is another interesting ultrabook-tablet, it has an excellent keyboard that can turn it from tablet to netbook. It has an IPS screen of 10.1 inches in size and a resolution of 1280 x 800, onboard there is 4GB RAM and 64GB built-in (plus you can add another 128GB card). And he has a processor, naturally, from Intel, or rather Z8300 Quad Core 1.44GHz

4. Smartphone CUBOT NOTE S

Onda OBook10
GearBest 21.03$ 43.99 * (3009 rub.)
GearBest ordinary$ 79.89 * (5464 rubles)
Aliexpress$ 89.99 * (6155 rub.)

CUBOT NOTE S is a novelty of this year, a very budget model, which has 2 gigabytes of RAM and a capacious 4150 mAh battery, so many people like the phone. Naturally, you should not expect the performance of the latest Xiaomi from him , but if you need a simple phone for calls, surfing and simple applications - it’s definitely worth the money.

5. Ulefone Paris 4G

Ulefone Paris 4G
GearBest 21.03$ 69.99 * (4787 rubles)
GearBest ordinary$ 119.99 * (8207 rub.)
Aliexpress$ 119.99 * (8207 rub.)
Banggood$ 119.99 * (8207 rub.)

Some consider Ulefone Paris to be the best phone of the company and it's hard to argue with that. Specifications justify the cost, and of the obvious drawbacks unless a slippery body. In general, another great model for those who are looking at the phones for about $ 100, and if you can get it for $ 69.99, then, in general, great.

6. Teclast X98 Plus Tablet on Windows 10 + Android with 9.7 "

Teclast X98 Plus
GearBest 21.03$ 153.06 * (10469 rub.)
GearBest ordinary$ 195.46 * (13369 rub.)
Aliexpress$ 208.99 * (14295 rub.)
Banggood$ 197.99 * (13543 rub.)

One of the most popular at the moment tablets from China. There is a design at the height of both Windows 10 64bit and Android 5.1, and there is high performance due to an interesting processor and 4 gigs of RAM on board. To him you can also buy a keyboard, which will turn it into a great ultrabook with a screen of 9.7 ".

7. Teclast Tbook 11 Tablet

Teclast Tbook 11
GearBest 21.03 (300pcs)$ 169.99 * (11627 rub.)
GearBest ordinary$ 184.99 * (12653 rub.)
Aliexpress$ 207.12 * (14167 rub.)
Banggood$ 179.99 * (12,311 rubles)

This 10.6-inch gadget has a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, an IPS-matrix, a quad-core Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 processor with a clock frequency of 1.44 GHz and two operating systems at once - Android 5.1 and Windows 10. Also worth noting is 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB ROM, which can be expanded by another 128 GB memory cards. It was found in Teclast Tbook 11 place and two cameras with the same resolution of 2 megapixels. Inside the case of a thickness of 8.4 mm fit battery capacity of 7500 mAh. If desired, the user can connect a mouse or keyboard, thereby increasing the functionality of a portable device.

8. Cube iWork 10 Tablet with Windows 10 + Android

Cube iWork 10
GearBest 21.03 (700pcs)$ 149.99 * (10259 rub.)
GearBest ordinary$ 168.69 * (11538 rub.)
Aliexpress$ 157.99 * (10806 rub.)
Banggood$ 195.99 * (13406 rub.)

In 2014, you could already see this tablet with Windows 8.1, but times are changing now Windows 10 with Android is available on this tablet. The IPS screen is 10.1 inches, the Intel Atom X5-Z8300 Quad Core 1.44GHz processor, 4GB RAM, and the internal 64GB.

9. Ultrabook Tablet VOYO VBook V3

GearBest 21.03 (400pcs)$ 219.99 * (15047 rub.)
GearBest ordinary$ 244.83 * (16747 rub.)
Aliexpress$ 378.88 * (25,916 rubles)
Banggood$ 415.99 * (28454 rub.)

Voyo is a relatively new brand for our ear, but already familiar on the Voyo V3 netbook. The company continues to delight us with its products, releasing a serious iron for frivolous money. At this time there is a 13.3-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. The swivel mechanism provides a 360-degree tilting of the display, which allows you to use the device as a regular tablet, if suddenly the keys are tired. Of the characteristics are the Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 Quad Core 1.44GHz processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of integrated memory, but with the possibility of expansion by 128 GB cards.

10. Engraving laser NEJE DK-8 Pro-5 500mW

NEJE DK-8 Pro-5
GearBest 21.03$ 48.07 * (3288 rubles)
GearBest ordinary$ 93.98 * (6428 rubles)
Aliexpress$ 181.99 * (12,448 RUR)

We had a good article " Review of the engraver NEJE laser or promising business model ", where you could get acquainted with this device in detail. So I will not stop here for a long time.

Analysis results

I think, and at a cursory examination it is clear that the products and special prices that were announced are really interesting. It is worth adding that there is still no deposit from PayPal, which promised to throw off another 3% if the purchase is paid through it.

And most importantly, the sale on the occasion of the birthday of GearBest will begin at 20:00 Moscow time here and here on gadgets from Intel . You can pre-pack your goods in order to have time to buy them when the price is updated.

That's all, with you there was a simple service for choosing sophisticated Dronk.Ru equipment . Do not forget to subscribe to our blog , there will be many more interesting things.

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