Kakadu Pen - another children's gadget

    Almost every weekend I go to children's stores in search of some fun interactive toys, and today I got a children's “educational” pen.

    We have been developing the “childish” direction for quite a long time and thoroughly, and recently our catalog has been replenished with various kinds of designers, robots; I myself have already shown what things I throw periodically from home to my babies, etc.

    However, from time to time it is interesting to find out what they bring to retail stores regarding walking distance, which means that (according to logic) people often buy for their children that go to these stores. Among the most well-known IQToy stores with such an assortment, it was further pleasant to see that (for the time being relatively small) shelves of Detsky Mir, a network, began to be replenished with gadget toys, sometimes something very simple appears in Daughters-Sonnies.

    I got Kakadu Pen in two stores at once: IQToy for 1290 and “Children's World” for 599 rubles. I think it is clear exactly where I bought it.

    In fact, the pen is a stylus with a small interactive component, where the main thing is the application for Ipad. In this case, for 600 rubles, you would like to buy an authorization key to this software, after which it becomes available in full.

    In total there are 5 main sections and 1 - parent, where you can keep track of classes, read books and lessons, set reminders or schedule:

    Access to parental control, as well as some functions, is carried out through the "formula".

    In particular, it makes available content that is not downloaded immediately from the AppStore: encyclopedias and books in the corresponding training sections. After downloading, the material is deposited in the library, but not in one common, which would be logical, but in the library of the section where they were downloaded.

    Some books, such as encyclopedias, can only be read, with some you can work. Such materials are in the training section.

    Letters can be written with and without tickers.

    In the music section there is both music and short stories:

    In the "School of the Arts" section there are coloring and drawings.

    You can draw by yourself or according to an auxiliary scheme, and paint it either with a fill, or methodically guiding the stylus along a “canvas”.

    In fact, nothing that I would not have seen in other applications, where the child could trace the numbers with his finger, paint over drawings, count or write, I have not met. Actually, this application also works quietly “from the finger”, so the handle itself is such a key souvenir for it for 600 rubles. As a gift - she, by the way, would be very personal. It is packaged quite attractively:

    Inside the box is a short instruction on how to connect the pen to the tablet and the alarming entry that should be placed on the outer part: “1 month warranty from the date of sale”.

    It does not have its own battery, it works on “mizinchikovyh” batteries. Some controls are placed on the body: for example, a change between a pen and an eraser during drawing, cancellation of an action, repeated input.

    Also on the side of the wheel, which can switch modes: The

    stylus seemed too large, although able to draw thin lines. And this is critical, for example, in educational materials, where it is a matter of keeping the numbers or letters inside the contour. A focused child's hand with a wide stylus - very much at risk to get out of the box.

    At the same time, I must say that the pen itself is “too thick” for children; it is clearly not very convenient to hold it: Arseny changed hands several times - to no avail:

    As a result, I received a rather large “key” to several applications assembled in one place are educationally developing. The key is not very convenient, but at the same time it is perfectly decorated, and can qualify (if we are talking about 599 rubles) as a good souvenir to a child. For 1290, I would have thought.

    Perhaps this will help you make / or not make a gift choice.

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