A little history of developing your game on pure Windows Forms + C # in my 16 years

A little background

I came to development in the middle of grade 8 (now I finished 9), I used to play a lot of games before, so I had a great desire to write my own. And now, after a huge bunch of theory, and small projects, I got to the first big project. In general, I am self-taught. The first major project was my fishing game, written in pure Windows Forms + C # . I must say right away that I do not see the point of writing a game on a third-party engine, because my path does not lie in Gamedev.

Project development

The idea of ​​creation came from a large 2D game "Russian Fishing", by the way, I took most of the textures from there, because drawing is not part of my plans. Surprisingly, thanks to extensive experience in small tasks, Google almost did not use Google during development. From which I conclude that the solution of even simple small tasks gives a big profit.

The development itself was not very difficult, but there were places in which I sat all day, creating new projects, where I separately tried to make part of the program, then to screw it into my project. One of these places is the depth at locations.

This is a large matrix consisting of Labels, according to which by the Pythagorean theorem I process the presence of a mouse next to it. Now there is already an option to redo it differently, but I am alone, and I need to study many more technologies, because I have plans to get a job by the end of summer =). (I think that imagining how it looks is quite simple.) There

were problems in the implementation of bait, because each fish eats something different, and there are many locations, and even the depth is different. In general, I spent 6-8 hours on bait for almost a week. But now it works :) There

were problems in the design of architecture (then I had a poor idea of ​​how it should look) because of which there were problems with the implementation of some things, and I had to redo the code many times, but it was worth it. And even now, there are many problems, but it is very interesting.


A small conclusion, rather, even a message to novice developers.

Guys, never give up, write code every day, learn technology, despite your age. It's worth it. After all, in my 16 years, I already think about how to get a job as a programmer. I hope this post gives someone the motivation to learn. But most importantly, remember that programmers are not born!

In the future I’ll try to write an article about my training, getting a job. But unfortunately, HeadHunter is empty in my city, both C # and java jobs. So I will think.

Thanks to everyone who read this post to the end, I will attach for you a link to my Google disk with the project. I will come back here stronger!

Waiting for questions, advice in the comments. While I will redo my project, because there is still a lot of work, and it's great.

It was:

Google drive

Has become (only 2 locations)

Google drive

PS: Thank you, Habr, that you are =)

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