Data Science Digest (July 2019)

    Welcome all!

    Summer is in full swing, and if you plan to be in Odessa on July 5th, I invite you to the ODS mitap and data bar , which is organized by the Odessa team. I remind you that the digest has its own Telegram channel and pages on social networks ( Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , Medium ), where I publish links to useful materials daily. Join now!

    In the meantime, I offer a fresh selection of materials under the cut.





    • Deep Learning Boot Camp - video presentations from the Deep Learning Boot Camp, which took place from May 28 to May 31 in Berkeley.


    • AUTOML: METHODS, SYSTEMS, CHALLENGES - this book presents the first comprehensive overview of the general methods of automatic machine learning (AutoML), describes existing systems based on these methods, and discusses the problems of AutoML systems.


    • Odessa Meetup & Data Bar - July 5, Odessa is the first meeting of the Open Data Science community in Odessa. Informal communication and interesting topics on the eve of the EECVC conference . Participation is free, registration is required.
    • AI Ukraine 2019 - September 21-22, Kiev - one of the most powerful AI conferences in Ukraine this year will be held in 3 streams: Data Science and Machine Learning; Big Data and Analytics; AI Business and Startups. The first topics of reports are already on the site. For readers of the digest 7% discount promotional code: DSDigest-AI2019.

    Thank you for reading this issue. I hope everyone found something useful for themselves. I would be grateful for any suggestions for the next digest.

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