AWS_Ru meetup at Raiffeisenbank

    We invite you to the community rally AWS_Ru, which will be held at the Raiffeisenbank site in Nagatino, July 4. We’ll talk about IoT and AWS solutions, learn how to squeeze everything out of the cloud and still listen to the secret speaker. Prepare your questions and come to share the experience, it will be interesting.

    Borisenko Petr, Synergy team

    AWS IOT. A quick (but not too) solution
    Let's talk about our experience in developing an IOT platform for managing and monitoring telecommunication equipment facilities. How the application works and what AWS services were useful to us. About why we chose AWS and what problems we encountered on our way.

    Andrey Ivakhnenko,

    How to squeeze clouds
    Anti-plagiarism is a special-purpose search engine with tens of millions of checks on borrowings per year. Andrey Ivakhnenko, will present the case of effective use of AWS, will talk about ways to save on infrastructure and some pitfalls. How to squeeze maximum performance at minimum cost: Reserved Instances, Spot Instances, different types of EBS disks, Autoscaling Groups.

    Secret speaker

    And, of course, a secret report from AWS engineers. We

    open the doors for guests at 18:30, the start of the event at 19:00.

    To participate in the event, you must register

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