News of the week: Raspberry Pi 4 for sale, Internet on the Unified State Examination, Roskomnadzor and VPN services, a neural network strips people

    In this issue, read:

    • Raspberry Pi 4 is already available;
    • on the exam will not be banned from using the Internet;
    • Russia has developed a processor for neural networks;
    • Roskomnadzor is not going to block naughty VPN services;
    • the neural network has learned to undress people in photographs;
    • Commodore 64 hardware emulator will appear in winter;
    • global driver surveillance in Russia.

    Raspberry Pi 4 retails for $ 35

    Raspberry introduced a new model of its miniature computer Raspberry Pi 4 . The cost of the device is about $ 35. The developers claim that the capabilities of the new device are practically no different from the capabilities of a full-fledged personal computer. Moreover, now Malinka supports working simultaneously with two monitors with a resolution of 4K.

    As for the price, then $ 35 is worth the version with 1 GB of memory. Versions with 2 and 4 GB will cost customers $ 45 and $ 55, respectively. The developers also warn buyers that representatives of different countries will have to pay extra - import taxes, both external and internal, have not been canceled.

    At the exam it will be possible to search for information on the network

    Specialists of the Federal Institute for Pedagogical Measurements decided to allow the search for information on the network on the exam and the exam on humanitarian subjects after translating them into electronic form. Now, in many educational institutions during the state examinations, silencers are installed. This will not happen in the future, on the contrary, a number of questions in the tests will be designed to test the student’s ability to search for information on the network.

    Director of FIPI Oksana Reshetnikova said in an interview with Izvestia that tasks with video clips and an experiment on a digital model may appear on exams in subjects of the natural science cycle. According to FIPI, the development and testing of innovations will take about five years.

    Introduced Russian processor for neural networks

    The scientific and technical center "Module" has developed a processor for creating neural networks . This chip was presented at the Army-2019 exhibition taking place in the Moscow Region. A company spokesman said neurochips are based on the proprietary NeuroMatrix architecture, using the ARM core for a number of functions.

    First of all, these chips are intended for the army, but they can also be used in civilian life. For example, for the implementation of various projects of “smart cities”, in unmanned vehicles, medicine, etc. The processor has already interested a number of Russian companies, including the Era military technopolis.

    Roskomnadzor is not going to block VPN services that do not comply with legal requirements

    This week, Roskomnadzor said it would not block VPN services that ignore the requirements of Russian law in terms of not connecting to the Federal State Information System. This was reported by a source that is close to Roskomnadzor. According to this source, the agency is more profitable to fine services than to block. But what to do if the service does not agree to pay the fine is still unclear.

    Yesterday, the head of Roskomnadzor, Alexander Zharov, said: “We have the right to block VPN services that do not comply with the law, but there is no obligation to do this at any specific time. There are nine services that do not comply with the law. We may wait for the adoption of the new fines law. I’m not ready to discuss the concrete plan of our actions. ”

    The neural network was taught to undress women, and a few days later the project closed

    The other day, an application was launched that allowed you to “undress” people in photos . If you upload a picture of a woman in a swimsuit, then the neural network, determining the parameters of the body, supplements the picture, removing all the clothes. Moreover, in the free version, undressing is incomplete, in order to “tear off all the covers” it was necessary to pay $ 50.

    A few days later, the project was closed. As it turned out, the project was so popular that its creators were simply not ready for such an influx of visitors.

    Commodore 64 will be on sale in winter

    This winter, the Commodore 64 computer retro emulator will be on sale . It was developed by Retro Games, which previously released a smaller copy of the PC, but now launches the sale of the device with a functioning full-size keyboard.

    Device buyers can switch between three different emulator modes: C64, VIC 20, and Games Carousel. For users who are familiar with commands like Load "*", 8.1, 100% emulation will work.

    In Russia, a surveillance system for all cars will soon begin to work

    In 2021, Russia will launch a tracking system for all vehicles . A special service navigation and telematic platform Avtodata will collect and analyze data on cars and their owners from various information systems. According to the developers, the service is launched in the interests of insurance companies.

    “The service will allow you to classify all types of drivers and transfer driving data to insurance companies for individual calculation of the cost of the CTP and CASCO policies,” said Yaroslav Fedoseyev. “Intelligent data processing is carried out using classification algorithms and regression analysis, as a result, the vehicle’s driving style is evaluated on a certain scale and assigned to the corresponding risk group.”

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