How to manage time and stop procrastinating?

    We all lose time. This is especially true of the labor part of the day. And our productivity suffers from this, which is not so scary for a full-time employee, but it is critically important for a freelancer .

    Although psychologists and coaches argue that wasting time is not always a bad process. It all depends on what it goes to. If the development of new skills, cognitive reading, building relationships or something else that benefits - then please spend. But if it's just fooling around, then it's worth thinking about. Or better yet, start fighting it.

    Scientists have their own thoughts on this subject. Through experimentation and research, they have long found effective and simple ways to combat waste of time and procrastination. Some of them are really very easy to use, but give excellent results.

    2 minutes rule

    It is definitely worth taking it into service, because it allows you to carry out tasks that we tend to put off for later. It doesn’t matter for what reasons - out of fear of not coping or simply of laziness.

    The rule is applied very simply. If the upcoming task can be completed in 2 minutes, then solve it without delay. This may be a response to an e-mail, cleaning the laptop of dust, rebooting the system and so on. Just do it without referring to the eternal “sweat”.

    This rule has a continuation. It lies in the fact that the long-term tasks that cause your attacks of procrastination, too, should start to be performed from 2 minutes. The essence of all this is that as soon as you get to work, you will immediately realize that everything is not so scary and complicated as it seemed 120 seconds ago. And even if you have done just a small part of the total volume of the task, this is already a big step towards its full implementation.

    The principle of one task

    One of the big time eaters is multitasking. No matter how much they say about it in theory, but in practice it is ineffective. And the explanation for this is quite trivial - our brain can concentrate on one thing.

    London psychiatrists even conducted research on this subject, and came to shocking conclusions. Multitasking reduces IQ even more than smoking marijuana.

    From here it becomes clear that it is better to focus on the implementation of one task, and to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. In this case, it is advisable not to be distracted by other matters, but be sure to take breaks.

    The Secret of the Micro Quota

    The hardest part, as a rule, is given to perform a voluminous task for which deadlines and hot deadlines are not set. The lack of a specific completion time is incredibly relaxing and contributes to a loss of interest in achieving the goal. As a result, everything is done slowly and without enthusiasm, and the final can never be reached.

    To realize a global goal, you need to make a schedule of everyday steps to it. A small amount of work needs to be done regularly, which will subsequently produce the expected result. These are the so-called micro-quotas, which will certainly lead to macro goals.

    This method works great, for example, in the process of writing a book, when you give out 2 pages a day without excuse. It is also applicable for the creation and development of a popular blog, filling a site or other voluminous project that requires daily routine work.
    Take small steps regularly, and the goal will not be long in coming.

    The power of forgiveness

    An amazing way to combat procrastination was revealed in a study by American scientists. They came to the conclusion that if you forgive yourself for wasting time and delaying the timing of work, then in the future it will significantly reduce the craving for doing nothing.

    Feeling guilty about your own laziness, you will automatically avoid the repetition of such emotions, which means that you will involuntarily procrastinate again. Self-flagellation is not the best friend in life.

    And if you forgive yourself and forget your past mistakes, this vicious circle will break, and you will be able to take on the next task with great enthusiasm.

    Fight Fear

    An important moment in the struggle over time is the definition of your personal anti-motivators. Find the reasons why you tend to shy away from doing work or putting it off in the long box.

    This may be a character trait, manifested in excessive impulsiveness, which entails a slight distraction to surrounding things. Here you need to work hard to create the most relaxed and secluded environment.

    Perhaps you are procrastinating because the task seems boring and uninteresting to you. Then use the rule of 2 minutes or just do not take such projects to work.

    Or maybe the thing is fear to fail the task? Then increase your self-esteem and be proud of every small victory. This will contribute to the production of testosterone, which will increase confidence and allow you to take on new projects without doubts and fears.

    Thoughts on the White Monkey

    Surely you have heard of this widespread psychic effect. The more you tell yourself internally that you will not procrastinate, the more you will program yourself for this action.

    You should not think of a waste of time as something forbidden. Better focus your thoughts on how you will complete the project and get rewarded for it. Think about how to make the final touch, and you will sigh with satisfaction.

    Concentrate on what you want, not what you want to avoid. Well, use the above techniques to work efficiently.

    Or maybe you have your secrets to combat procrastination? Be sure to share!

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