The digest of events for HR professionals in the field of IT for July 2019


    July is the time to plan a trip, write a vacation application and forget about work for a couple of weeks. But how to have fun for those who for some reason could not go on vacation this month and spend it at the computer in the office? The answer is simple: make your work as much as possible on vacation! Meet with colleagues in the field, meet interesting people, get new knowledge and then July will fly by unnoticed, and most importantly - with benefit.

    Stay tuned for post updates, announcements of events for the second half of July can be added later.

    "Secrets of IT-selection" (online course)

    When: beginning July 2, 10:00
    Where: online
    Terms of participation: 18 000 rubles
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    The course is suitable for IT HR and recruiters who want to develop in the IT field.


    • Module 1 “IT-sphere: Immersion in the IT-market”;
    • Module 2 "Features of the search for IT-specialists";
    • Module 3 “Sourcing of IT-specialists”;
    • Module 4 “Work with the candidate”;
    • Module 5 “Work with the customer”;
    • Module 6 “Securing the material”.

    The author and moderator of the course is Svetlana Petrovicheva, founder of Get IT and IT Recruiter school.

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    "IT educational program for HR" (course)

    When: July 5-6, 9:00
    Where: Innopolis, st. Universitetskaya, 1
    Conditions of participation: 19,000 rubles
    Organizer: Innopolis University

    The course will be useful for IT specialists and those who just want to start a career in this field, as well as those who worked in IT companies in other positions (office manager , assistant, accountant, etc.), and now plans to engage in HR.

    Course program:
    • IT educational program for HR. Basic concepts;
    • Overview of the labor market in the IT field;
    • Career tracks in IT;
    • Selection of IT specialists;
    • The specifics of interviewing IT professionals;
    • Practice and cases.

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    “Negotiations in recruiting” (intensive)

    When: beginning July 6, 18:00
    Where: Moscow, 1st Nagatinsky Ave., 10, p. 1
    Terms of participation: 20 000 rubles
    Organizer: New.HR

    You will learn:

    • Build a system of competent communication with the customer and the candidate in order to maximize the interests of the parties.
    • It is easy to negotiate, find contact with any candidate and customer.
    • Build remote negotiations with the candidate. Strategy, tactics, mistakes. What to do if the candidate is “frozen”?
    • How to “look” a candidate into the head and understand his deep motivation? Especially relevant in remote negotiations.
    • Skills for effective communication and negotiations with the customer and candidates.
    • Let us show in practice the difference in approaches to them.
    • Find arguments on peremptory statements of the customer.

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    “Effective negotiations with the customer in IT recruiting” (webinar)

    When: July 9, 18:00
    Where: online
    Conditions of participation: 2 500 rubles
    Organizer: HR Digital School The

    webinar will be useful to everyone who selects staff, but is not the person making the decision on hiring. The trainer will share his life hacks of overcoming popular objections and barriers in negotiations.

    Webinar Program:

    • HR and the customer are one team on how to achieve this.
    • 3 types of customer, the role of HR depending on the type. A simple test to determine your type of customer.
    • Work with popular objections and doubts (expensive, incompetent, etc.)
    • Special requirements (height, age, zodiac sign) and what to do with them?
    • Selection in IT: features of communication.
    • What is important for any customer?

    The host of the webinar is Alexandra Fomina, IT recruiter with many years of experience, leading personnel manager of the company First Bit.

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    “Internal marketing: the benefits of a barbecue on the roof” (mitap)

    When: July 10, 18:00
    Where: Moscow, st. Butyrskaya, 46
    Participation conditions: 1,999 rubles
    Organizer: MarHR

    Mitap is a great opportunity to listen to fresh cases, discuss your experience with like-minded people and watch the sunset on the outdoor terrace with a barbecue.

    Topics and speakers:

    • “Better less, better” or how to focus the holding’s internal communications on the brand of the employer ”- Svetlana Tikhonova, Rusagro Group of Companies;
    • “Conscious management of corporate culture” - Masha Goldobenkova, TsIAN;
    • “How to increase team effectiveness using YouTube” - Natalya Stepanova, Dodo Pizza;
    • “Where do you get them?” - Natalya Shuvalova, VkusVill;
    • “Passionate about travel: how to promote a company's product inside and charge employees with the spirit of travel without distracting from work” - Nina Utkina,

    Details and registration

    “Results of the SHRM-2019 conference in Las Vegas” (mitap)

    When: July 10, 18:30
    Where: Moscow, st. Krzhizhanovsky 16/1
    Conditions of participation: free
    Organizer: Anastasia Mizitova Directly

    from Las Vegas from the SHRM-2019 Conference, participants of the Russian delegation will share relevant information on the best performances, interesting participants in topics such as HR strategy, recruitment, AI, HR analytics , HR systems, and answer questions.

    Details and registration

    “How can IT companies win the race for staff?” (seminar)

    When: July 11, 10:00
    Where: Moscow, per. Maly Konyushkovsky, 2.
    Participation conditions: free
    Organizer: RUSSOFT A

    comprehensive seminar in which the best experts will talk about issues related to the full cycle of working with personnel in an IT company: from forming the internal structure of the company as an employer to finding attractive office solutions.

    Details and registration

    “Who is talking? or telephone interview. Screening Masters ”(mitap)

    When: July 11, 19:00
    Where: Moscow, st. Pavlovskaya, d. 18
    Terms of participation: 3,000 rubles (if paid before July 7), 3,500 rubles (after July 7)
    Organizer: CordisON

    “Without looking” assessment or in-depth telephone interview: perception, unique opportunities (not only you don’t see the interlocutor), conflict diagnosis, motivation test, contact establishment, candidate management, data validation and much, much more.

    Mitap Program:

    • Features of the analysis of information “by ear”. The structure of adult speech analysis.
    • Basic scripts (what to ask everyone) or how not to waste time.
    • Fundamentals of Psycholinguistics. Motivation, conflict, guiding elections.
    • An analysis of the written material or what we look at in the text of the resume for comparison with the speech.
    • Assessment of professional competencies. Good old professional questions and features of their use in telephone interviews.
    • The point of no return or 10 myths that the candidate who “does this” will turn out to be different (good) at the meeting.
    • Examples of scripts for 3 positions (will be selected taking into account the stated wishes of the participants).

    Details and registration

    Digital Professions (mitap)

    When: July 15, 19:00
    Where: Moscow, st. Butyrskaya, d. 46
    Terms of participation: free
    Organizer: INDEX

    Where to look for digital-specialists? What to look for in the resume? What questions to ask at the interview? Which tasks are considered interesting, and which are a dull routine? At the meeting we will talk about this, and also about the whole variety of professions in the world of Digital Marketing.

    The speaker of the meeting is Pyotr Kudinov, director of the
    Promoshift contextual advertising agency.

    Details and registration

    IT is not for IT (online course)

    When: beginning July 15, 19:00
    Where: online
    Conditions of participation: 20 000 rubles
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    The course is intended for those who want to plunge into the world of IT-technologies and become the best IT-recruiter. The speakers will talk about the development from the beginning of the creation of the project to the release in production and share their experience on practical examples.

    Program and speakers:

    • Module 1: Development Basis - Igor Blinovsky, DSX Technologies;
    • Module 2: Toolkit - Igor Blinovsky;
    • Module 3: Frontend - Alexey Nosov, Tinkoff;
    • Module 4: Backend - Maxim Bakirov, 2GIS;
    • Module 5: Mobile - Grigory Serebryany, EX Beeline;
    • Module 6: Project Analytics - Igor Blinovsky;
    • Module 7: Testing - Vyacheslav Vinokurov, Sberbank.

    Details and registration

    “HR Digital manager. Search and attraction of personnel online ”(online course)

    When: beginning July 16, 6:00 pm
    Where: online
    Conditions of participation: 5 500 rubles (package “Access for 1 month”), 10 000 rubles (package “Access for 2 months”)
    Organizer: HR Digital School

    The course combines the tools search (sourcing) and SMM (marketing in social networks). The first option gives you the opportunity to independently search for candidates (outgoing stream), the second - to attract interested candidates (incoming stream).

    Course program:

    • Block 1 - Search Tools;
    • Block 2 - SMM for HR.

    Details and registration

    “HR networking. St. Petersburg "(mitap)

    When: July 16, 19:00
    Where: St. Petersburg, the venue is being specified
    Participation conditions: free
    Organizer: FriendWork 

    This is a mitap game for everyone who is in love with HR.

    In a programme:

    • Collect elements of your HR process faster than other players;
    • Persuade and argue;
    • 2 entertaining and educational games in 1;
    • 6 HR-processes (KDP, Selection, Adaptation, Assessment, Training, Motivation).

    Details and registration

    “HR networking. Moscow ”(mitap)

    When: July 18, 19:00
    Where: Moscow, the venue is being specified
    Terms of participation: free
    Organizer: FriendWork 

    This is a mitap game for everyone who is in love with HR.

    In a programme:

    • Collect elements of your HR process faster than other players;
    • Persuade and argue;
    • 2 entertaining and educational games in 1;
    • 6 HR-processes (KDP, Selection, Adaptation, Assessment, Training, Motivation).

    Details and registration

    “Career, professional and (a little bit) personal way of HR” (business breakfast)

    When: July 24, 9:00 AM
    Where: Moscow, the venue is being specified
    Terms of participation: 750 rubles
    Organizer: INDEX The

    second psychological business breakfast for HR with Anastasia Kalashnikova, a private psychologist, and ex-IT HR, co-founder of the DevLeads Lid community, is dedicated topic of professional, career and personal growth of HR.

    • Where to grow if you are a recruiter, HR, HRD. And anyway - is it worth it to grow?
    • How to understand that you don’t need to grow
    • What is career growth, professional growth? Can they be separated from each other?

    Details and registration

    IT Global Meetup # 15 (mitap)

    When: July 27, 9:00
    Where: St. Petersburg, Tuutari Park
    Terms of participation: free of charge
    Organizer: Piter United

    Summer rally of St. Petersburg IT communities. The rally will be attended by 24 communities from St. Petersburg, including IT HR. In addition to expert presentations and interactive activities on the islets of the community, the program also plans sports and recreational activities.

    Details and registration

    Geek Hunter (online course)

    When: beginning July 29, 19:00
    Where: online
    Participation conditions: 20 000 rubles
    Organizer: IT Recruiter School

    Program and speakers:

    • “Technical terminology. Level up ”- Evgeny Povalishin;
    • “Digital search tools for IT-specialists” - Svetlana Petrovicheva;
    • “Productive sourcing” - Dmitry Dolidze;
    • “Sourcing Practice” - Dmitry Dolidze;
    • “Features of the search for IT-specialists” - Svetlana Petrovicheva;
    • “Work with the customer” - Svetlana Petrovicheva;
    • Live webinar "Practice on working with objections" - Svetlana Petrovicheva;
    • "Assessment of the technical skills of IT-specialists" - Maxim Kuznetsov;

    Details and registration

    HR Management in IT (online course)

    When: beginning July 31, 18:00
    Where: online
    Participation conditions: the cost is being determined
    Organizer: LABA

    Working in IT is a challenge, and the course will help to cope with it successfully.

    Course program:

    • Types and structures of IT companies;
    • What the IT wants;
    • Recruiting and HR branding;
    • Adaptation of employees;
    • Corporate culture in IT;
    • Employee motivation;
    • Salary, bonuses, bonuses;
    • Employee Options (Employee Stock Option Plan);
    • Performance Management and Coaching;
    • ATS and HRM systems and company communication.

    The moderator is Mikhail Pritula, HR Director at iDeals Solutions Group.

    Details and registration

    About event organizers:

    • Anastasia Mizitova is a professional trainer, coach and facilitator.
    • RUSSOFT is an influential association of software companies in Russia.
    • Innopolis University is a Russian university specializing in IT education.
    • CordisON is a consulting company.
    • FriendWork is an online recruiting automation service.
    • HR Digital School - Online training for HR and recruiters.
    • INDEX is a recruiting agency specializing in the search for IT specialists.
    • IT Recruiter School is an IT recruiting school.
    • LABA is an international educational platform.
    • MarHR is a project dedicated to HR marketing.
    • Piter United is an association of IT communities in St. Petersburg.

    If in our digest you did not find any events for HR-specialists in the field of IT that will be held in July, please add them to the comments.

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