The digest of fresh materials from the world of the front-end for the last week No. 370 (June 17 - 23, 2019)

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    podcastCSSSR Podcast : News 512 - Vue 3 disassemblies, microservices, benchmarks, latest releases and a little bit about super computers
    podcastCSSSR Podcast, Remote Talk # 06 : Scala and frontend, Scalalaz, Steam blockchain and Korolev web framework
    podcastReact Five Minute Podcast : React Five Minute Screen Savers on YouTube
    podcastRepozitorro Podcast # 19 - It Started So Well and So Sadly Ended
    podcast“Pro Conf” Podcast # 17 HolyJS 2016 - 2018
    envideoCSS Day 2019 + UI Special

    Web development

    habrHow to make sites in 2019
    habrWhy I don’t use web components
    10 useful tips for implementing Pixel Perfect design in Frontend development
    enHow to divide your HTML into sections
    enReduced Motion technique for Picture
    enLesson on web components for beginners [2019 ]
    enMicro frontends
    enHow to create a PDF from your web application
    enEverything you need to know about the Progressive Web App (PWA)
    • A endrag-and-drop menu with an animated thumbnail grid
    enKorolev: Diet tablet on the web . Alexey Fomkin about his web framework


    habrWhy do we prefer CSS (- variable) to SASS ($ variable)?
    Introduction to CSS Shapes
    Pinterest image gallery
    CSS background-image property as antipattern
    enCSS day 2019: Part 1: UI special (1/2) , Part 1: UI special (2/2)
    enCSS Day 2019: some things I learned
    enInitial letter and design systems
    enCopy-and-Paste CSS Animation Cheat Sheets
    enCSS Scroll Snap updated in Firefox 68
    enCJSS - CSS Web Framework


    habrJavaScript programming for a lathe
    habrElegant error handling in JavaScript using the Either monad
    enCreating Micro Frontends using React, Vue and Single-spa
    enUsing service workers in Google Search
    en5 ES2019 features that you can use today


    Chrome will warn about dangerous URLs and will get the Suspicious Site Reporter extension
    • The new Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium is now available for users of Windows 7 and Windows 8
    Firefox is developing a mode for blocking social network widgets and Firefox Proxy
    A password generator and a mode have been prepared for Firefox 69 video autoplay locks
    5 browsers that you should switch to if you care about your privacy
    Two 0-day vulnerabilities in Firefox were used against Coinbase employees
    The Chrome extension replaced search results
    enTurn on experimental web platform features in Chrome and Firefox


    Microsoft implements native removal of PWA applications
    AI-assistant for speech rehearsal will appear in PowerPoint
    Microsoft will add a virtual assistant for speech rehearsal in PowerPoint - it will indicate parasitic words and other errors
    Predict and correct typical user errors when interacting with the site
    GitHub acquired the developer of the service for the joint verification of the Pull Panda code and made its tools free
    Facebook introduced the international cryptocurrency Libra. It was supported by Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and many others, the launch - in the first half of 2020
    • A first look at Facebook Libra
    More folding screens, fewer podcasts: what awaits technology in 2019

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