VueJS concepts for backend developers - master class June 22

    On June 22, the Alpha Congress Center will host a master class entitled VueJS Concepts for Backend Developers.

    The moderator is Sergey Ryabenko, who has fifteen years of commercial development experience in various roles. He worked as a developer at LinguaLeo and Head of Engineering at SalesLift. Last year, he switched from a backend to a frontend and finally began to consider himself a full-stack developer. Currently holds online and offline master classes on VueJS and TDD in PHP.

    Important concepts that bypass in popular tutorials, but are necessary to avoid many rakes. Many backend developers have already tried to learn VueJS or React, but after a short break they had to study everything anew. After listening to this master class, you can very quickly stop peeping at the documentation and start making complex frontend applications.

    Today VueJS is one of the simplest and most powerful JavaScript frameworks. Each developer can start working with him just by reading excellent documentation, but in order to write really complex projects you need to understand how it works inside.

    I want to share my experience in a short course and help students avoid the hidden rake that I stepped on the thorny path from the developer backend to the full stack developer.

    In just three hours, I will try to save you 2 months of work by going from simple to essential. Only important information, only practical knowledge obtained in commercial development. Skills that will make your work more effective and you - a more valuable employee.

    The main topics that we will discuss at the master class:

    • Express dive into the modern Frontend
    • Why is Virtual DOM needed and how does it provide “reactivity”
    • One way data flow and why it is important to understand

    See you at the workshop on June 22!

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