The 13 most infamous articles of the past year

    To learn better from the mistakes of others and to mentally thank those who provide such an opportunity. Under a cat some typical examples of what should not be done on Habré. And what to do if drained.

    According to our internal statistics, last year 656 publications out of 16711 took a minus. This is slightly less than 4%. Approximately half of them are drafted, but the rest are still available. I pulled out some of the most striking and typical posts, so that you can see what exactly should not be done on Habré, and how much it will cost in minuses.

    Before moving on to the experimental, I want to make an important remark - the authors of most of the articles that have been criticized have a bunch of other publications that are quite normally evaluated by the community. Yes, and we at the editorial office once faced with a situation when an article of our colleague from one large company suddenly appeared on the list of those who were mummified, on whose account there were more than a hundred successful posts on Habré. In general, even an old woman happens to be a liar!

    And, of course, I urge you by no means to minus the guys from the list below. Firstly, they are already minusanuli for you. Secondly, it is always better to learn from the mistakes of others, and they provided us with this opportunity. Well, in general, you should always give a second chance. After all, we are in a cultural and civilized community.

    -77. Fine commits

    In this short narrative, the author jokingly draws parallels between programming and gang warfare in one of the initial episodes of Boomer. Civilized society completely rejects any references to gopnichestva and takes the note to the bottom. "-77" is the anti-record of the year.

    Does it make sense in this case to say that the parallels themselves are crooked and far-fetched? Probably not.

    In general, Habr for cultural communication, and even jokes on this subject are doomed to failure.

    -74. How to bridge the gender gap in technology

    This is a translation of a feminist article where the author laments that there are few women in IT, and this must be corrected. The comments immediately noticed that white men are also trying not to take nannies just because they are men, but is it worth fixing it?

    In general, politics, religion and others like them appear in the rules of behavior on the site as extremely undesirable topics.

    -64. Sending e-mail from any address

    An article about the mail function in PHP. In particular, the argument “sender” can be any mailing address.

    The moral here is simple: if you suddenly discovered something, then it would be a good idea to take a guide or google it if it’s not “America”.

    -56. Do not read books

    An article that the world has changed, and the books now contain water, adornment and lies. In general, radicalism for the sake of hype most often leads to holivars. And if you go too far, then to the posts flooded to the very bottom.

    Morality - you always need to be objective and not row everything under one comb.

    -53. Who will save the theory of relativity?

    The author’s second attempt to refute the SRT. The first gathered one minus more.

    Moral - if you suddenly swung at a holy, double-checked and working a million times, present this not as a statement, but as a question for the audience. An interesting discussion can be obtained in the comments, the results of which can be added to the article by update. Well, you need to understand against whom you are going. Einstein was a very smart man, and with him millions of practitioners.

    -42. Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram - which is better?

    This post does not contain any useful information, but only a survey on the topic "What kind of messenger do you use." In most cases, such posts go negative because there is not a word in the title about this. The reader thinks that the comparison is constructive inside, and on the contrary, the question is redirected to the reader.

    Also a separate problem in the first line of the post.

    To tell domestic developers that they have not created anything worthwhile other than Telegram (with eccentric Durov at the head) is to turn everything inside out. Russian developers have created many world-class products and platforms, in addition, a meme about Russian hackers and Russian programmers is firmly rooted in the West.

    In general, you should not do polls in posts with their only content (without specifying this in the header). And if you want to throw a stone in the garden of colleagues, politeness, verification of facts and constructive definitely will not hurt.

    -42. Social rating

    This is a detailed retelling of one of the series of the series Black Mirror. On Habré.

    In my understanding, TV shows are watching to rest. If you start retelling someone the series from the series, then the first thing you can hear in response is: “Wait a minute, don't say anything, let me see it for myself!” In general, someone else’s vacation is not necessary to steal. And if you want to raise an important problem, it is better to look at it through the eyes of facts or results. For example, here obviously there is something to discuss on the topic of social rating. And this in spirit is much closer to Habr.

    -41. Until next time

    Worse than welcome posts can only be farewell . Both of them do not contain constructiveness and bring into the expert community half unrealizable promises, rivers of tears and self-promotion.

    On the other hand, a welcome post can go well if it comes from a recognized leader. But then again, there must be something useful and valuable in it.

    -40. TOP 5 things that can be printed on a 3D printer [video]

    Posts consisting of only one video almost always go to minus. Video is a special format, and the reader does not always have the opportunity to “consume” it. In addition, Habr is always texts. And the “alien” elements are quickly discarded here. This video can be a good addition to a full post.

    -33. The Tale of Coursework

    There is a good rule in journalism - respect the reader’s time and not waste it, and, at the same time, do not waste your personal time pouring water into regular texts. Win-win. And in this text there is 80 percent water. And although it is presented as a “special” style of presentation, this does not change the essence. Well, speaking of styles, the stream of consciousness must be able to feed.

    -31. Riddles of the resume. Part 2. The font also matters

    On Habré there are a lot of posts from HR-specialists, which tells about the noticeable influence of all sorts of secondary factors when hiring or at interviews. The developers believe that the assessment of their professional qualities should be based, for the most part, on the results of their work and demonstrated skills. Personally, this situation seems to me to be a conflict between humanities and techies. And in view of the numerical superiority of one over the other, the victims become known in advance.

    -27. What is mining and why is mining on video cards

    It is a very significant case when, as a whole, everything is as if true, but there is complete seam in individual details. There is a lack of fact checking, starting from the terms used and ending with a description of the individual technologies.

    There is only one conclusion from this story - if you use a term, describe a process, or mention any entity, you must be prepared to answer all questions, and to clarify in advance whether you have mixed up something in the formulations. You can easily get burned on the little things.

    -27. Artificial intelligence is also mistaken. As Amazon Go shortcuts us in the USA - a store of the future without cashiers and sellers

    Rarely, but it happens that at the end of articles on Habré phrases such as " there are no technical details and will not be !" And most often, such posts fly in the red, because Habr - these are just technical stories. And now, judging by the contents of the above article , it should just start with this phrase. But no. In addition, its main content is hidden in a video, where two people who are not knowledgeable in technology tell Habr about such a high-tech product as a store without sellers and cashiers.

    No comparisons, accurate data, technology descriptions. In general, these are the first impressions of the store from video marketing bloggers, with a logical result.

    Habr - these are technical stories. And if you want to tell a marketing one, then you need a technical / scientific approach to it (facts, figures, comparisons, studies).

    In the dry residue

    If you started reading from here, then here are the main things that you should pay attention to when writing posts:

    • Habr is a cultural community;
    • do not touch politics, religion, national, gender and other similar topics;
    • to be objective when emotions overwhelm;
    • check if I discovered America;
    • fact checking is an expert’s best friend;
    • Do not make posts consisting of only one video or questionnaire;
    • do not write welcome and farewell posts (and generally posts that do not contain useful or practical information for the reader);
    • use a technical approach.

    And one more thing that caught my eye when studying the list of articles he had covered: do not try to separate the jones from the seniors, to rank, to bring some kind of base or technique under it. Most of the previous attempts ended in minuses, which both generously poured. Nobody likes when they begin to "count".

    If you consider these moments to be captains, then above you can find out exactly how many minuses each of these errors will be evaluated.

    What to do if something went wrong

    Hide the post in drafts until all the details are clarified or until the errors are fixed. At the same time, you should not panic if suddenly right after the publication someone slapped a couple of minuses. Perhaps these were critics (I personally observed a couple of purely missing accounts on Habré). But in general, according to our internal statistics, the pros on Habr put five times more than the minuses.

    Therefore, you need to wait for comments or the moment when the final grade of the post reaches the threshold, for example, at -7, and then remove it.

    And it’s also important to remember that even an old woman has a bungle. For example, the author of one of the posts I took above has an article with 260 pluses.

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