Zero element

Graphs are a schematic designation in many areas.
Model of real objects.
Circles are vertices, lines are arcs of a graph (connection).
If a number is near an arc, this is the distance between points on the map or the value on the Gantt chart.

In electrics and electronics, peaks are parts and modules, lines are conductors.
In hydraulics, boilers, boilers, fittings, radiators and pipes.
On the map are cities and roads.

From the school math problem:
A bus left point A to point B. The distance between points is 30 km.

But what if the distance is 0?

Reduce the distance from the roof ridge to the ground to zero. A two-story house turns into a dugout.

Reduce the distance from the boiler to the radiator (reduce the length of the pipes) - we get a Russian stove.
As you may have guessed, technology works both ways.

You can either reduce to zero or increase to infinity.

Reducing the length of electrical conductors led to the creation of microcircuits.

Length, height and width are geometric dimensions. Measurements of the real (visible) world.
Dimensions can be more abstract:

  • Temperature
  • Time
  • Weight
  • Density
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Strength
  • Fragility
  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Energy

Thermal conductivity is the ability of material bodies to conduct energy (heat) from warmer parts of the body to less heated parts of the body through the random movement of body particles (atoms, molecules, electrons, etc.).
How to reduce thermal conductivity to zero?


Reduce the number of atoms, molecules and electrons. That is to create a vacuum.
A similar technology already exists and is being sold. Screen vacuum insulation is called. Panels with a thermal conductivity of 0.004-0.006 W / m * K.
For comparison, it is 10 times less than mineral wool and 50 times less than brick.
As a result, the wall thickness can be reduced so many times.

And if you reduce the mass to zero ...

In other matters, I will not deprive you of the joy of new discoveries.

Successful inventions!

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