We invite you to the Tarantool Conference on June 17

    The second annual open Tarantool Conference, or T + Conf for short, will be held at the Mail.ru Group’s Moscow office on June 17, not only about Tarantool itself, but generally about the use of in-memory computing, Tarantool, cooperative multitasking and Lua to develop highly loaded fault-tolerant services. Preliminary reports are sorted by topics: microservice architecture, grid architecture, tutorials, enterprise. And therefore, they will be of interest not only to experienced developers, but also, on the one hand, for beginners, and on the other, for architects in the enterprise sector. Details can be found under the cut.

    List of reports:

    • SWIM - cluster building protocol , Vladislav Shpileva
    • CI / CD applications on Tarantool: from an empty repository to production , Konstantin Nazarov
    • How to provide omnichannel with ChannelControl event processing platform , Alexey Kuzin
    • How are we going to weave a relational network using Tarantool , Maxim Koshkaryov
    • Tarantool Roadmap , Konstantin Osipov
    • Why did we fork vshard , Mikhail Khruzin
    • Why Tarantool in Enterprise , Oleg Ivlev
    • Tarantool at Aeroflot, or MDM on the fly , Rustam Kildiev, Nikolay Shevtsov
    • Tarantool upscaling using Intel Optane , Georgy Kirichenko
    • Tarantool caches and replication from Oracle , Alexander Deulin
    • Why Tarantool Enterprise is useful , Yaroslav Dynnikov
    • Replication from Oracle to GreenPlum with a delay of less than 4 hours , Alexey Ryabov
    • How we did the core of Alfa-Bank's investment business based on Tarantool , Vladimir Drynkin
    • Approaches to building applications on Tarantool , Vladimir Perepelitsa
    • Not like everyone: the most vicious practices of using Tarantool , Vladislav Zaitsev
    • Tarantool: now with SQL , Cyril Yukhin

    Detailed abstracts can be found here . In addition to the speeches themselves, you will find useful handouts, tasty coffee breaks, and after the conference you can watch videos of especially liked reports.

    As a year ago, the reports will begin at 10:00 and end at 19:00.

    Address: office of Mail.ru Group, Leningradsky pr., 39, p. 79.
    Participation in the conference is free, but you must register for it .

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