Megaphone conducted a technical update ... network names

    MegaFon subscribers experienced a change in the name of the network; Fastest was added to the word “MegaFon”.

    MegaFon Fastest - this network name began to be used automatically, starting from 0:00 Moscow time on June 8, 2019.

    Some users decided that the operator changed the name.

    Others thought that Megaphone is trying new technologies.

    Fortunately, it turned out that it was at MegaFon that they decided to only slightly change the name of the network.

    Answer from

    MegaFon : We added the word fastest to the name of MegaFon network to emphasize that with MegaFon you ... This is a technical update of the network name. You have not been connected to any services, you continue to use the communication on the same conditions.

    Optimistic subscribers:"Now that my page does not load, then I look at this Fastest . "

    Now, such a long name takes up a lot of space on the notification panel, and on the iPhone with a small screen size, the new network name does not fully display the "Back" button to return to the previous application.

    Is it convenient for subscribers? It is likely that marketers in the company know better.

    So, we are waiting for new changes from other providers, possible options:

    • MTS RUS rapid
    • Beeline swift
    • Tele2 stable

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