What is known about ITIL 4 certification

    This year the ITIL 4 update was released. We tell you how certification of specialists in the field of IT services management according to the new standard will go. / Unsplash / Helloquence

    How the certification process is changing

    The latest update to the ITIL 3 library was introduced eight years ago. During this time, the IT industry has undergone significant changes and “overgrown” with new technologies. Many companies have begun to implement IT management practices (such as ITSM based on ITIL).

    To adapt them to the changing context, Axelos specialists responsible for developing the ITIL methodology released an update earlier this year, ITIL 4. It introduced new areas of knowledge related to improving user satisfaction, value streams and flexible methodologies like Agile, Lean and DevOps.

    Along with new practices, approaches to certification of specialists in the field of IT services management have also changed. In ITIL 3, ITIL Expert was considered the highest rank in the ITIL system.

    In the fourth version, this level was divided into two areas - ITIL Management Professional and ITIL Strategic Leader. The first is for managers of IT departments, and the second is for heads of departments not related to information technology (experts who have completed both courses receive the title of ITIL Master).

    Each of these areas includes its own set of exams (the requirements for them and the curriculum at Axelos promised to be published closer to the end of 2019). But in order to be able to pass them, you need to pass the certification of a basic level - ITIL 4 Foundation. All the necessary information on it was published at the beginning of the year.

    What is included in the basic level

    In February, Axelos presented the book, ITIL Foundation. ITIL 4 Edition. " Its task is to explain key concepts and lay the foundation for the subsequent study of in-depth programs.

    The ITIL 4 Foundation covers the following topics:

    • Basic concepts of service management;
    • Purpose and components of ITIL;
    • Purpose and key definitions of the fifteen ITIL practices;
    • ITIL Implementation Approaches;
    • Four aspects of service management;
    • Approaches to creating value for services and their interconnection.

    What questions will be

    The exam consists of 40 questions. For successful completion, you need to answer correctly to 26 of them (65%).

    The level of complexity corresponds to Bloom's taxonomy , that is, students need to not only answer questions, but also demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge in practice.

    Part of the tasks are test questions with one or more answer options. There are assignments that require the examiner to explain the key concepts of IT management in writing.

    For example, there are questions in which you need to define terms such as a service, user, or client. In another task, you will have to paint the key components of the ITIL value system. You can find some more examples in this document from Axelos.

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    In case of successful passing the tests, the exam participant receives the certificate “ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management. ITIL 4 Edition. " With it, you can proceed to the delivery of ITIL Management Professional and ITIL Strategic Leader.

    What else do you need to know

    ITIL 3 certified professionals can go through the entire exam chain from Foundation to Management Professional and Strategic Leader when Axelos publishes all requirements.

    An alternative way to renew certificates is to pass a “corrective” exam. It is called ITIL Managing Professional Transition. But to pass it, you must have 17 points in ITIL 3. This number of points corresponds to the level for passing the exam for the title of ITIL Expert.

    We will continue to monitor releases of Axelos and will publish information on the most significant changes and innovations of ITIL in the blog on Habré.

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