Primitive graphics for lazy, oldfags and lazy oldfags

    Hi, Habr. Not so long ago, I ran into the network on a rather simple library for working with graphics in C / C ++, which can be useful to schoolchildren and students in their program research (without requiring almost any knowledge), as well as some oldfags who remember ancient as mammoth graphics for DOS. In particular, such a primitive graphic lib as graphics.h for Turbo C, which computer science teachers and programming teachers at university are still staring at.

    In short, the graphics library is such a thing from Borland that is not accepted by the standard, which can draw graphics and at the same time if you need to draw some kind of rectangle, it does not require any monstrous constructions from pointers, vectors and other things that are terrible for a beginner. Simply enter rectangle () and specify the coordinates of the upper left and lower right points of the rectangle in brackets. And that’s all.

    So, craftsmen were able to port this library to MinGW and improved it a bit, screwing up normal work with the mouse and keyboard, loading and writing image files, support for the entire RGB palette (against the 16 colors available by graphics.h initially) and a few more small chips, possessing which this old woman can still be useful for quickly creating primitive (and not so) graphics.

    This title is called Winbgim.

    → Download here
    → Connect and configure here

    Briefly about this library:


    + Easy for beginners to learn
    + Easy to connect
    + Not demanding on system resources
    + Able to use any resolutions and adapters (write for CGA at least)
    + Can upload images without distortions
    + Able to mouse / keyboard events
    + Able to full RGB

    Fail palette :

    - An insignificant set of fill styles and lines (it is solved not by drawing with primitives, but by simple loading of finished images)
    - An insignificant set of fonts for displaying text in graphical mode (fixed by accessing the Windows font files, but some dances with a tambourine are required there)

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