In the footsteps of the industrial ninja: we invite you to participate in the online industrial safety competition

    At the last PHDays 9, we held a competition to crack the Industrial Ninja gas pumping plant . There were three stands on the site emulating the industrial process: air was pumped into the balloon under high pressure. Each stand had its own level of difficulty (in terms of protection): beginner, experienced and ninja. At the same time, the equipment and the technological process did not differ.

    The contestants were faced with the task of understanding the technological process, taking control of the plant and provoking an accident: in reality, they could blow out or burst a ball. However, the most difficult task remained unresolved.

    We are announcing a new competition. Participants need to complete the task, find the flag, describe the solution in detail and interestingly. The answer should be sent to i_ninja@ptsecurity.ruuntil July 1st. The authors of the three best descriptions will receive branded backpacks with PHDays symbols and souvenirs, and we will publish the most liked in our blog on Habré.

    Link to the task:

    Good luck!

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