4 sensible Youtube channels about technical interviews

    I watch different channels of guys who pass / conduct interviews in large companies and talk about it. I didn’t come across anything cool in Russian, but here’s the personal top channel in English:

    1. Techlead Channel

    Former Google techlead on his channel talks about how he conducts interviews and why you should not wait for resumes to be reviewed carefully. There are all sorts of strange things ala Business Youth “How I made n-money”, but there are also sensible videos. Here is my personal top:

    Google interview interview mocap for a back-end developer position


    a) If you ask “about yourself”, then tell us about the complex things that you did at work — any integration or something else that you’re head over had to break. This will help to immediately focus on hard skills, then proceed to the teams in which you worked, whether you had to manage people and how do you generally communicate.

    b) Do the reaction of the person who conducts the interview - if it’s a recruiter and he misses the technical details, move on to another topic. If this is CTO / lead - pay attention to what technical details are of interest to him. Pay more attention to the task that he will give you and show the logic of your reasoning.

    c) Look to find out what task he gives at interviews and how often he is solved.

    Why did he leave Google?


    a) The average working life of a developer on Google is 3.2 years

    b) Google is not a paradise. When you start working there, you think, well, that's it, I will stay forever. And, of course, then it gets boring.

    c) From a large IT company, you can go to a startup for a significant increase - there will be more responsibility and that’s cool.

    d) Working at Google is cool because the company is changing the way you live. But not for everyone, this is a working scheme. Many junior developers leave Google less than a year after the start of work, because this is a kind of validation check.

    7 typical mistakes of those who undergo technical interviews


    a) We need a person who is ready to vouch for you - to recommend you for a position. Ask for help from teachers / colleagues. They do not have to know you well, but be sure to attract other people. It means more than you think.

    b) Do not be afraid to respond to the vacancy again and again if it appears. Failures are normal. He himself failed the Google interview three times.

    c) Do not talk too much about the code during the interview. In fact, they can test your skills in a bunch of other ways, but whether you know how to joke and how you communicate, you can only chat. Do not go into technical details, if you are not asked, it’s better to deftly joke.

    d) It is absolutely necessary to prepare for an interview, but you should not go too far. You can prepare 2 good stories about your experience and the challenges that you accepted, well, 2 stories that will tell more about you as a person and a member of the team. Otherwise, you will recall some important detail that probably should have been inserted into the story after the interview is over (yes, this often happens).

    e) If you have been given a problem that needs to be solved, don’t have to spend an entire hour on it. Try to specifically tell and show (see the next paragraph) how you would solve it. If you need to clarify something, you will be asked again. And, most likely, this is exactly how the interviewer wanted to build a dialogue.

    f) Take a notebook and pen with you or ask on the spot - if you have a technical problem and you are asked to solve it, you should generally take it and write the code on paper. You may not be hinted at this, but actually it will be done right.

    g) Analyze the task. Ask what it is, why, how it will help to solve a problem globally - this is normal. Nekruto, if you just try to throw a solution for the essence of what you did not understand. “Uh, what are we coding here?”

    2. Channel interview.io

    This is the interviewing.io platform channel for conducting interviews and skills testing in a code editor. In short, the guys just record interviews with team leads and unhappy candidates who solve the tasks given to them.

    Here are a couple of interesting vidos (for those who like to hang on to how others are messing around with the code), which there is no point in retelling:

    Python-developer at an interview in Airbnb
    It's not super complicated, like tasks, it's interesting to observe.

    Another Python'ist at an interview on Google
    [evaluate how cheerful they are here, and on Airbnb they are all harsh, and here the guy is obviously googling some answers, well, he’s going to work on Google]

    3. CS Dojo Channel

    Another channel of the former Google developer, which also, of course, has a video about why he left the company. Do not look, it is so-so. But then there are quite a few useful videos on how to prepare for solving problems that can give you during an interview.

    5 languages ​​that will be required for those who want to work on Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other it giants

    - Javascript
    - Python
    - Java
    - Swift
    - Ruby The

    video was recorded in 2017, but it seems that nothing has changed criminally.

    How to get an interview at Google
    A detailed story on how to solve the logical problems that can give you an interview.

    4. Joshua Fluke Channel

    Joshua saws various videos about interviews and job searches (he is a full-stack developer). And also - answers all sorts of questions that subscribers ask him. This is full of videos for junior developers who are just starting to look for work. Well, here are some interesting videos with the interviews themselves, which can be watched at a speed of 1.5: A

    telephone interview with Google
    Videos that you can watch if you are preparing for an interview - they all look something like this.

    Interview for a position with a salary of $ 120k per year
    This is an interview with a recruiter from an agency who did not even have time to talk about the details of the position. Another logic, you can also listen. The company name is not disclosed, nea.

    How I searched and responded to positions for which I lack skills
    In fact, it’s useful to watch the video if you are considering changing the stack a bit, but are afraid that you don’t have enough skills. Pay attention to how he writes cover letters. How it ended, however, is not entirely clear.

    If there is something cool that you are ready to advise - write in the comments, I will be glad. Of particular interest are the video about interview coding for JS.

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