Marvin Minsky's “The Emotion Machine” (Habra translation, Round Two)


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    A year ago, we did an excellent job. Koryavyenko, half, but still excellent. The noosphere sent me a signal that it was time to finish it to the end. I thought no one needed this work, but a week ago a famous science-fiction writer-cyberpunker asked me, when will the transfers continue? I replied that the main fighter was taken into the army a year ago and until the transfer is expected. And 10 hours after my reply, I receive a letter: "I returned from the army, ready to resume transfers."


    1. We are born with many mental resources.
    2. We learn to interact with others.
    3. Emotions are different Images of Thinking.
    4. We learn to think about recent thoughts.
    5. We learn to think at various levels.
    6. We are gaining tremendous experience.
    7. We are switching between different Images of Thinking.
    8. We find various ways of representing things.
    9. We build various models of ourselves.

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    “Table of Contents Books The Emotion Machine »
    Chapter 4. CONSCIOUSNESS
    4-1. What is the nature of Consciousness?
    4-2. Unpacking the Suitcase of Consciousness
    4-2.1. Suitcase words in Psychology

    4-3. How do we recognize Consciousness?
    4.3.1 The Immanence Illusion
    4-4. Over-rating Consciousness
    4-5. Self-Models and Self-Consciousness
    4-6. The Cartesian Theater
    4-7. The Serial Stream of Consciousness
    4-8. The Mystery of Experience
    4-9. A-Brains and B-Brains
    Chapter 6. COMMON SENSE [ eng ]
    Chapter 7. Thinking [ eng ]
    Chapter 8. Resourcefulness [ eng ]
    Chapter 9. The Self [ eng ]

    about the author


    Marvin Lee Minsky (born Marvin Lee Minsky; August 9, 1927 - January 24, 2016) is an American scientist in the field of artificial intelligence, co-founder of the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. [ Wikipedia ]

    Interesting facts:

    • Minsky was friends with the critic Harold Bloom of Yale University, who spoke of him only as "the sinister Marvin of Minsky."
    • Isaac Asimov described Minsky as one of two people who are smarter than himself; the second, in his opinion, was Karl Sagan.
    • Marvin is a robot with artificial intelligence from the Douglas Adams cycle of hitchhikers in the galaxy and the movie Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (film).
    • Minsky has a contract to freeze his brain after death in order to be "resurrected" in the future.
    • In honor of Minsky, the dog is named the main character in the movie Tron: Legacy. [ Wikipedia ]

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