When tired of the virtual

    There’s a short poem under the cut, why am I more and more infuriated by computers and a sedentary lifestyle.

    Who flies into the world of toys?
    Who needs to wait quietly
    Having rested in the pillow-bush?
    Love, hope, dream

    That our real world will return
    To whose virtual world by the window?
    And the Persian will break
    through the night through the captivity of illusions in the men's house?

    So Whose writing amusement
    Who has aged in the end?
    Whose ass became heavy?
    Whose x * r does not rise at last?

    My work in the trash burned, I
    got CAD and CAE.
    You are turned into coal
    Shit games steam-ovskoe.

    And why are we not sleeping together?
    Once there was a husband with a wife.
    Whose song is fading away in presnya?
    Whose mind is stark bark?

    Who's guilty? What to do next?
    In short, give me your comp.
    Let the plywood of
    All games and software info-com fly through the glass .

    © AlexKaz May 25, 2019

    PS I decided to add the second rhyme here, as the topic is essentially similar, and creating a new publication does not make sense.

    Take a look at the tricks of the eyeglass network of our
    Among the bright pixels, a
    person’s voice is very easily lost .
    Through the glass of screens with a stream of photons, crushing school
    From the server bowels of a rattling network dig in the
    Subscriptions and tapes are a new drug, without them everyone is ready to
    Intelligent readers around, what to take from them? Probably it is possible
    to forgive
    and the network and lures, and the network so captivate kaleidoscope
    That forum, here's the video, and here and chat with the decision of your
    in the network is everything from scans of books to a bit drunken
    Knowingly network called cultural treasury
    of cultures
    A in the meantime, without letting sleep fall asleep, a nail over the
    And this is all for the sake of what the
    human race has stepped on the ground ?
    And where are the heroes, and where are the pillars, where are the idols from
    Whose profile without any doubt I could hang on the entire
    To whom do I owe today, who
    boldly do business
    From earthly happiness is I ready to fly even to Venus, even to
    Venus? ..
    The first snow is being discussed on the net ..., an important topic, a
    new one.
    Then they will judge who ate and bought how much - and so the whole life is

    © Kazantsev A. / AlexKaz 5 nov 2019

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