Near Munich began testing the full-size five-seat tiltrotor Lilium Jet

    In early May, the German company Lilium Jet , developing the eponymous all-electric tiltrotor, conducted the first tests of its full-size five-seat prototype.

    The first tests of the full-size Lilium Jet prototype in May 2019.According

    to a published video, vertical take-off and landing were tested on these tests. The horizontal flight was either not shown to us, or it was not carried out at all.

    If anyone doubts the flying ability of a tiltrotor - here is a video of testing two years ago, when an intermediate - double prototype - Lilium Jet was tested:

    Tests of the intermediate (two-seat) prototype Lilium Jet in the spring of 2017.

    Let me remind you of the concept of this aircraft - this is an electric air taxi that can fly at a speed of 300 km / h for one hour. The device is equipped with 36 relatively small electric motors, 6 on the front wings, and 12 on the rear.

    The range of Lilium Jet is 300 km. Is it a lot or a little? It depends on what you compare it to:

    Where can I fly to Lilium Jet using the example of large megacities?

    At the same time, the cost of the flight for the final passenger is planned at the level of a regular taxi, if not cheaper.

    The seriousness of Lilium’s intentions is evidenced by its stable financing of millions of euros and dozens of open vacancies . Well, the support of the German authorities.

    What will eventually result in the development of this convertiplane will become known in a few years.

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