The digest of interesting materials for the mobile # 298 developer (on May 13 - 19)

    In the new digest, we deal with the harmony of scripts, free sounds for applications, the Telegram contest and the remnants of I / O, water, game slavery and the most downloaded applications in the world and from Russia.

    I think many have heard that Java allows in runtime through ClassLoader to modify the dex of an already installed application. Using this, you can load compiled code in runtime and use it. But Google treats such frauds, to put it mildly, not too loyally and bans those caught in such an application.Today we talk about sites with libraries of short sounds and samples, distributed mainly under Creative Commons licenses.

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    • (+10) We change the contents of the notification of the iOS application
    • (+8)  Swift: ARC and memory management
    • (+4) Interview - 10 questions about Swift, part 1
    The court allowed consumers to judge Apple for monopolism
    We draw smooth graphics using UIBezierPath
    MapKit - show the map and track the location in 7 lines on Swift
    Create a cool three-dimensional sidebar animation
    Flow coordinator on steroids
    How to make an audio extension in Xcode
    Top 10 problems of iOS developers in 2019


    • (+24) In-App Updates: speed up the process of updating the application on Android
    • (+ 20) “What we are discussing in Russia is relevant in the West”: interview with Denis Neklyudov
    • (+9)  Google-style security
    • (+3)  We take part in the recent Telegram Contest, write a cool OpenGL ES application and win nothing
    • (+2)  100 things announced on I / O No. 19
    • ((0) Android application with facts about Chuck Norris on Kotlin
    Free course “Developing Android applications on Kotlin” from Google
    Android Dev Podcast # 93. Google I / O 2019. Reporting from the scene.
    We identify memory leaks in RxSwift
    We write Android UI code in Jetpack Compose
    Android Q - major changes
    Creates a note-taking application on Flutter / Dart
    Kotlin - Google’s preferred language for Android development
    Flutter and Fuchsia - the death of React and Android?
    • We manage complex navigation with one Activity and Android Jetpack Navigation
    Use ViewModelScope
    We solve the word search game with Android and ML Kit
    Explore updates built into applications
    Create animation of cards with MotionLayout
    Home- made reactive Model Store using RxJava
    Google I / O 2019 for designer
    Everything for Android-developer with I / O 2019


    • (+161) Too much in this article water
    • (+38) Five years of slavery
    • (+24)  How to parse the network protocol of mobile MMORPG
    • (+19)  Animation in mobile applications: testing Lottie
    • (+14) We implement CircularRevealAnimation on Flutter and along the way we publish the library on
    • (+13)The danger of in-game data collection
    • (+11) A deal for $ 39 million: why the creators of the open source DBMS decided to do mobile development
    • (+10)  Pixel indentation in texture scanning
    • (+7) The first game at unity or what it took me six months
    • (( +5) A model for development based on “elements”
    • (+3) My experience of mistakes
    Aichi Hype: Andrey Breslav
    AppsCast # 5: Empathy in IT
    Podlodka # 110: Recommender systems and ML
    Mobile People Talks # 4: React Native - to be or not to be
    Yandex opened developers access to their gaming platform
    How can a creative person find himself in IT: from design in UX
    Flutter Dev Podcast # 4: Google I / O 2019
    100 questions for UX analysis
    Gestalt principles in interface design that every UX / UI designer knows, perhaps
    “Do not test applications on the children of programmers”
    7 VSCode extensions that simplify your life
    Improve your UX with micro-interactions
    How Microsoft Code Review works
    How to make a custom TensorFlow binary for Android and iOS
    We earned $ 1,052,000 in 2018 by selling UI tools. Here is what we learned.
    142 sites to improve interviews
    Ignore hype when you study programming
    Pros and Cons Flutter Web
    7 years of development - lessons learned
    10 tips for creating an exciting application design
    Psychology of pair programming
    Fundamental design principles for non-designers
    Food nightmare in 15 comics
    We use Go libraries in Flutter
    I turned my Google interview into a startup

    Analytics, marketing and monetization

    • (+12)  Sales promotion marketing absurdity: proven cases
    • (+5)Calculation of cannibalization based on the classic A / B test and the bootstrap method
    The most downloaded applications in the 1st quarter of 2019
    Attract to hold: Case of and AppMetrica
    Promotion of the Talion mobile game until reaching the side. A comprehensive approach by Zorka.Mobi and Gamevil
    Rivet: English for children
    Key performance indicators for applications 2019: Global Benchmarks Report from Adjust
    Noom receives $ 58 million for a weight loss application
    Most popular applications from Russia

    AI, Devices, IoT

    • (+164) How do we deal with copying content, or the first adversarial attack in prod
    • • (+40)Air conditioner IT. Part I
    • (+14) ACPI: Adding devices without recompiling the kernel
    • (+11) What solutions does Rostelecom have for IIoT
    • (+6) Braille keyboard
    Google showed Translatotron for end-to-end speech translation
    Technical digest (April 2019)
    First program for Arduino in C

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