Now good developers are measured by views and subscribers. Is it bad?

Recently I came across a fast- growing fillpackart post that prompted me to think about what I would like to share with all Habré readers. However, first of all, I would like to emphasize that everything said in this article is my personal opinion and vision of the situation and I do not pretend to be true.

About modern interviews

The author of the aforementioned article complains that during the interviews he was no longer asked technical questions. Is it that bad? How many of us write red-black trees every day at work or use virtual inheritance (these are just examples, let's please not discuss their usefulness in the comments)?

It seems to me that there are not so many people who answered the last question positively. But this is exactly what they like to ask at technical interviews. Will the business suffer greatly if it hires a person who cannot answer such a question without a search engine at hand?

The problem is that the questions at the technical interviews are very different from the real tasks of the developer . Including from the tasks that the candidate will perform in the company if the interview stage passes. So why is this? Why test the ability to solve problems with LeetCode or the knowledge of the device of exotic language constructs? Why is this necessary if it is hardly useful in the future, and if it is useful, you can always find a detailed description of these algorithms and principles?

And most importantly: this is not just a useless test. She turns interviews into meaningless and merciless hell. Because of this, preparation for an interview turns into, in fact, a futile solution to problems. At the interviews themselves, nerves take their toll and even the most worthy candidates are sometimes lost in solving simple tasks.

Here, it must be objected to me that the purpose of the interview with the tasks is primarily to test the candidate’s thinking . Yes, it is, but not everyone understands this. Many developers whom HR sends to interview applicants forget about this. And then the interview turns into a boring monologue of a candidate who is trying to solve something. Then the decision is photographed and it becomes an argument for or against. Is it correct? Not. I believe that only simple tasks can be given and the candidate should be helped. You don’t have to tell the person the whole decision, but you need to push him with the right thoughts. After all, we do not develop software alone. Development has long been a team work. So why do I still see developers who at the interview say nothing but the conditions of the problem?

Once again, I would like to focus attention: interviewing with tasks is normal, but only if these tasks are simple and its solution turns into a dialogue between the interviewee and the interviewee . The main thing here is to check how the candidate thinks. How he approaches the solution of the problem. That’s what matters, not whether he will solve this problem or not. You're not looking for developers whose only skill is solving problems with LeetCode?

Hard and soft skills

Next is another question. Is it true that it is better to hire a good introvert than a mediocre extrovert (I'm not talking about hiring mediocre workers, but these can be seen during the interview)? I’m sure that it’s not: as I said, development has long become a team, and here the interaction of people in a team becomes important. Is it really better for your partner to sit for a week and understand some class or function from the general code base than if he would go to his developer and ask him how to use it correctly? You can immediately say that a cool introvert is also not clear how it will respond to questions to it.

Single development dies out. In agony, only freelance website developers twitch. Any serious product requires a development team, and often more than one. Therefore, just cool introverts will soon die out of IT, and we will have to work with what remains.

About hype technology

The only point in which I agree with the author of the article, but this is not the end. Yes, there is a problem with mediocre and PR technologies. But here it is important to note that it’s better that everyone uses one thing. The only solution will sooner or later become the most elaborate one. If only because its developers have money and resources for this. Otherwise, we will get many solutions that started well, but acquired various problems during development. This state of affairs only encourages the development of the “14th standard.” Etc. Let's all use one solution. Someday, his problems will be solved, which can not be said about each of the 10 different solutions with single users.

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