Golang DevDay: May 31, Novosibirsk + broadcast

    Usually, with the arrival of heat, DevDay goes on vacation. This time they decided that waiting for the fall was not permissible. On the last day of spring, we invite you to join Golang DevDay. There will be a soft transition "from non-Go to Go" for those who are just looking at the language, and performances are harder.

    Under cat details, schedule and link to register.

    § DevDay

    DevDay is an open meeting for outgoing IT specialists in Novosibirsk. Each time we take one of the IT directions and invite 150 participants. Over the past six months, we have visited front-end tenders and managers . This time, let's talk about Golang. Come in person or join the broadcast - it's more fun together!

    § What will we talk about?

    We’ll start with a presentation aimed at those who have recently or just started to get accustomed to this programming language at Go. Consider the usual practices that you should abandon when modeling the domain in Go.

    In the course of the evening, we will delve deeper into the topic of interaction of services using the example of recently released in 2GIS “Awards” and discuss the less common language constructs that you will immediately want to try out in action.

    § Program

    May 31, Friday.
    Time in Novosibirsk (GMT +7), for Moscow, the start of reports is at 15:00.

    18:30 - Prepati
    19:00 - Painless domain modeling // Alexey Ilchuk, 2GIS
    19:45 - Once again about the interaction of services // Danil Rudenko, 2GIS
    21:00 - Iterators on the "chips" // Sergey Yarmonov, Positive Technologies
    22:00 - Afterparty

    Study the program on devday.ru , look for familiar names among the participants .

    What's next? We decided to come in person - register . We will remind you of the meeting. Dwell on the broadcast - also register . We will send you a link to the video.

    See you on DevDay!

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