Why does the Ministry of Industry and Trade ban the storage of data on foreign equipment

    A draft resolution on the prohibition of the admission of software and hardware systems of data storage systems (DSS) of foreign origin for participation in procurement to meet state and municipal needs has been published on the Federal portal of draft regulatory legal acts . It is written that in order to ensure the security of critical information infrastructure (CII) of Russia and for national projects. KII include, for example, information systems of government agencies, defense and energy enterprises, financial institutions, telecom operators with a large number of subscribers. Confirmation of the country of origin of goods is the conclusion issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The resolution shall be valid for two years from the date of its entry into force.

    The explanatory note states that these measures are aimed at protecting the domestic market , developing the national economy and supporting Russian producers. The Ministry of Industry and Trade is confident that the market for such products in Russia is formed and represented by Russian manufacturers of computer technology, among which are called "Baikal Electronics", "DEPO Electronics", "INEUM named after I.S. Brook ”,“ KNS Group ”(Yadro company),“ Craftway Corporation Plc ”,“ MTsST ”,“ NIIME ”, SPC“ Elvis ”,“ Research Center ”,“ T-platforms ”. These manufacturers can "ensure the appropriate quality and necessary supply volumes" for state needs, concluded in the department. The Ministry of Industry and Trade did not manage to get a comment.

    Dmitry Galushko (“Orderkom”, legal assistance in the field of communications and mass media):
    Russian manufacturers, having received earlier a negative opinion of the Ministry of Economic Developmentfor changes to the User Message Storage Rules (SHD, Yarovaya package), they went through the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which proposed the same condition for the production of storage on Yarovaya, but only for State needs and KII facilities: an additional opinion of the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the production of storage systems only to Russian manufacturers. If the draft Resolution is adopted, all telecom operators will have the right to purchase storage only from manufacturers that have received the opinion of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. But since the main thing in storage is a hard drive that is not produced in Russia, in reality, such a decision will increase the price of storage because foreign manufacturers will not be allowed to enter the market, and Russian manufacturers will be gaskets between foreign manufacturers and telecom operators. In fact, this is a way to circumvent the negative conclusion on previous amendments to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 445

    Another expert in the field of communications drew attention to the fact that this draft resolution applies not only to telecom operators, but also to organizations involved in public procurement, including municipal ones. It turns out even the opposite - telecom operators are as if secondary. A group of Russian "manufacturers" is not washed, so skating wants to get part of the market by coercion.

    I want to add from myself that you must clearly understand that you cannot shoot a deer with a cherry bone in the forehead and get a roast of venison in a cherry sauce in a year. The production and maintenance of hard drives cannot be created simply by loudly saying the word “import substitution” and painting the magic symbol with a hand in the air. That is, in the storage system will be all the same foreign-made drives. Perhaps the Russian assembly of varying degrees of depth. And that is doubtful.

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