What is Wozniak doing at Apple again?

    It turns out that he is developing a reader. Yes, in principle, he could have developed it himself and put it into production. But then it would be ordinary, on Linux, Android or Windows CE. Even the big name of the developer would not distinguish it from the rest.

    That's why Wozniak decided to work with Apple, although without returning to the state. His goal was licensing the legendary Newton OS. He plans to port it to the ARM architecture and “introduce” it to electronic ink displays and capacitive sensors.

    In addition to the classic OS, nothing more unusual in the reader, perhaps, will not be. The same support for modern formats and everything else. But this small difference will be enough to stand out from the rest.

    Releasing the reader will not be Apple. Steve will entrust this task to the company, which he is in no hurry to name. Apple's entire role in this deal is to license Newton OS on terms that are also not disclosed. Thanks to the choice of a third-party manufacturer, the reader will support generally accepted standards: Micro SD and Micro USB. It is promised that the old OS on the new hardware will be very fast and energy efficient.

    The device will be available in two versions: regular and exclusive. The second one will cost the buyer four times more expensive, but the video blogger Kokovin will personally carry out its final assembly in his garage. Wozniak called it "return to the garage."

    So far, nothing is known about the new product. There is not even a render, so do not be surprised at the lack of KDPV. If everything goes well, we will see a modern reader with the old OS in the communication stores in a year. Exactly a year later.

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