How to build a brand?

    Let's see what we mean when we talk about a brand. A brand is, first of all, associations that people immediately have when they hear the name of your company, mobile application, website, etc.

    Brand building is a long process. Be prepared that it will take not one, not two, or even 6 months — you must be ready to work on it all the time.

    How to build a strong brand?

    1. Find out who really is your customer!

    You must clearly understand what your customer is. Create one (or several) user personas.

    • gender;
    • age;
    • marital status;
    • place of residence;
    • education, employment, position;
    • income;
    • hopes and fears;
    • hobbies.

    For example: John, 43 years old, single, lives in Washington, fitness trainer, income of $ 3,500, afraid to gain weight, enjoys football.

    2. What is the mission of your brand?

    Why do people buy Apple products? Design? Sure. Most advanced technology? Partly, yes. Ecosystem? Yes, but with some limitations and inconveniences. So why? The answer is status! That is why, if your company has a strong brand, you can afford to increase the price of products/services.

    3. What is your main advantage?

    Determine why your user personas should apply to you? How do you convey to your customers the idea that you are offering them exactly what they need? What do you offer that which others do not offer?
    For example:

    • Your delivery service is faster than your competitors.
    • The design and usability of your mobile application is much better than that of a competitor (with a similar functionality of the application).
    • The content you offer is unique (and necessary!).

    4. Logo

    What does your client see before launching your product/mobile application?
    The visual component of the brand is extremely important, it will help you intelligently broadcast your brand on all platforms.

    5. Develop a 30-second presentation (pitch) of your company

    The ability to briefly convey to a potential client what you are offering and why someone should pay attention to you is critical.

    6. Personalize your brand

    Your customers should have an emotional connection with your company. However, an emotional connection can only be with people. People buy from people, not from companies.
    Remember that the face of your company can be not only the creator, owner, but also a famous person, actor, athlete, etc. who become brand ambassadors.

    7. Be the main distributor of your brand

    Nobody will tell about the brand than you. Do not be afraid to talk about your brand in all possible ways. Let your employees talk about life inside the company. Show the company from the inside, use social networks and let every employee become an ambassador of your brand.

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