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    We share materials with unpacking and tests of storage and server equipment that we received and used during different periods of activity of our IaaS provider . Photos - from our review NetApp AFF A300

    Server systems

    Unboxing Blade Server Cisco UCS B480 M5 . Overview of the compact enterprise-class UCS B480 M5 - four such servers with I / O bandwidth of 80 Gb / s per slot are placed in the chassis (we also show it). The solution was equipped with a 2x Cisco UCS 2208XP or FEX expander. The Cisco UCS B480 M5 Server Blade can be used to work with highly loaded corporate applications and to solve virtualization tasks. It is built on the basis of Intel Xeon Scalable (up to 28 work cores) and is actually a “doubled” implementation of the B200 M5 server. More about the characteristics - we tell in our material at the link above.

    Cisco UCS: unboxing bundle. We show how the bundle looks in the package and talk about the filling. Included are UCS 5108 chassis, Fabric Interconnect switches with UCS Manager on board for server management, virtualization and automation, as well as FEX extenders. In the process of analyzing the boxes, we show a number of nuances, such as the cooling mechanisms of the switch, the partitions between the processors on the server and other

    Unboxing servers of the Cisco UCS M4308. A bit earlier review of the UCS M4308 kit. This solution is tailored for parallel and cloud computing and offers Virtual Interface Card functionality along with the UCS Manager management system. This feature allows you to use the solution for parallel tasks. The UCS M142 cartridges used here are designed specifically for IaaS providers - they consume less power than the same M1414, but they cope with the increased loads of business-critical applications.

    Overview of Cisco UCS Manager. This article is about tools for system configuration. In the first part of the story, we give a brief overview of its characteristics, and then give a step-by-step algorithm for working with it, from connecting the console wire to the analysis of individual contributions and obtaining the desired result.

    Unboxing Dell PowerEdge VRTX . It is believed that VRTX is "the ideal server system for small companies." This is our photo review: from unpacking to rack installation.

    Photos from our Dell VRTX HPC review

    : About High Density Servers. We use simple words about high performance computing. We tell you what the server blades are, where they are used, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and we show the Dell PowerEdge M1000e as an example. In addition, we discuss Twin- and microservers: we are talking about the layout, pluses and minuses of such systems using the Dell C6000 and Supermicro as examples.

    Data storage systems

    Testing NetApp E2700 . We start with the configuration of the disk array, test server and connection diagram. We talk about the technique, provide a set of tests and evaluate their results. This array is capable of passing 1.5 Gb / s through a single controller during streaming loads. To test it, we used the FIO benchmark and tried to give an objective assessment of the results.

    Unboxing NetApp FAS8040 . This storage replaced the 32 and 62 NetApp series as a more productive solution for the ITGLOBAL platform (supplemented by Cluster Interconnect). We show the process of unpacking, the "inside" of the controllers, an overview of the ports and the location in the rack. All this together with the technical characteristics of the equipment.

    Unboxing NetApp E2700 Series. We show the E2724, ground for data storage in SAN-environments. We unpack everything step by step, note the features of the configuration and implementation of this solution - consider it from all sides and provide characteristics.

    Photo - from our review of NetApp AFF A300

    Unboxing all-flash storage NetApp AFF A300 . We talk about the acquired AFF A300 for one hundred TB SSD. In the first part of the photo review - we give the characteristics, show the features of the system, look "under the hood" of the controller and talk about the cooling system. In the second, we show the NetApp DS224C shelf and the location of the iron in the rack.

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