The Role Of Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality In The NBA


    App builders that are looking to achieve a greater level of success will often look to areas that have yet to be explored. Augmented reality and virtual reality are opening up whole new worlds to app builders. For example, there are a number of app builders who are already looking to the NBA in this regard.

    The NBA has established a reputation for themselves as a progressive league from a technological standpoint. Teams are already participating in competitive gaming, as numerous franchises have created their own e-sports teams. Now, the league is partnering with app builders to find out more about how they can leverage augmented reality and virtual reality to their benefit.

    At the 2019 All-Star Game, the NBA's plans for augmented reality and virtual reality started to come into focus. On All-Star Saturday night, various superstars were photographed. A wide range of futuristic cameras were used to take video as well. The players were snapped from every possible angle and the league is not leaving any stone unturned.

    These photos and videos were captured so that they can be used by the AR app that the NBA has already rolled out. This app is designed to take the fan into the world of the players and provides a more behind the scenes look. Since this is a league that prides itself on having a global audience, these types of apps are only going to gain in popularity.

    App builders will continue to work with league officials to find out more about the benefits of virtual reality and augmented reality. The NBA has already made serious inroads in both areas. In addition to the aforementioned augmented reality app, the league is providing weekly live broadcasts that are powered by NextVR and Intel.

    This league is not about to rest on its laurels, though. Those who have had the chance to speak with league executives find that there are a plethora of plans for the future. These apps are just the beginning. This is the type of work that needs to be done, in order to break ground for other sports. The NBA prides themselves on remaining ahead of other leagues in this regard.

    While augmented reality and virtual reality are already playing a major role in the NBA, it remains to be seen if these advancements will lead to serious changes for the other Big Four sports (MLB, NHL and NFL). As for the National Basketball Association, these advances are the product of forward thinking executives who have been working behind the scenes for years.

    The NBA has been examining the role that virtual reality is going to play for some time now. The technology was first utilized during a preseason game in 2014. The Golden State Warriors' 2015-2016 season opener was streamed in virtual reality as well. These innovations were a long time coming and the league put in the man hours necessary.

    NextVR and Intel have remained by the league's side for the entirety of this experiment. Turner Sports and ESPN are also working with the league to find out more about what their broadcasts will look like once they are ready to utilize augmented reality and virtual reality on a more regular basis. With any luck, these technologies will become commonplace.

    One of the league's primary areas of focus is a crucial one. When they take the time to meet with app builders, one of the first questions that is asked is focused on accessibility. Augmented reality and virtual reality apps are not always usable across all platforms. Since the NBA has a global audience to consider, this is an area that is going to examined by app builders and league executives alike.

    There are a growing number of devices being used by NBA fans all around the world. If augmented reality and virtual reality are going to continue to play a key role in the NBA going forward, accessibility is everything. As technologies continue to emerge, the league must decide how they are going to be distributed to the general public.

    The NBA bet big on these technologies by investing in them early and now they are reaping the benefits. Every form of technology is not always going to succeed. This is something that NBA executives and app builders are acutely aware of. The top organizations do not wait for a technology to mature before they decide to start learning about it.

    This is what separates the best organizations from those that struggle to establish a forward thinking point of view. No fan of a professional sports league wants to watch an organization learn in front of them. The NBA is playing a crucial role by establishing a strong foothold with both of these technologies. They are also creating an environment where these technologies can be used more readily.

    Intel and NextVR are in contact with the league on a daily basis. Games are filmed for the augmented reality and virtual reality apps. Longer features are also being created for the fans to enjoy. It is safe to say that these advancements are just the beginning of something great.

    The league has yet to release any numbers when it comes to user engagement but NBA fans around the world who are unable to head to the arena are already benefiting. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the league but one thing is clear: they are already taking the proper steps to get the most out of AR and VR technology.

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