We work with Atlassian Service Desk, we get the most from the Riada Insight plugin - report from the Atlassian User Group meeting

    Hello! Today we are publishing a report from the Atlassian User Group meeting, which took place in our office. Together with the engineers, managers and developers of the Atlassian stack, we discussed the implementation of the Atlassian Service Desk, the ability to work with reports in it and the Riada Insight asset management plugin. Under the cut - videos of the mitap and links to the photo report from the meeting.

    Current trends say that it is necessary not only to automate the processes of work on applications, but also to build self-management systems to support users. System Atlassian Service Desk - just about that. And two reports were devoted to her at the mitap.

    "The transition to the Atlassian Service Desk", Olga Mukhametzyanova, Avito

    Olga told us how we launched Atlassian Service Desk for internal projects in Avito. In particular, they switched to it from other ticketing systems, won email notifications, set up a system of apruvs and user alerts. Watch the video if you are faced with similar tasks.

    Atlassian Service Desk Reports, Olga Nikolaeva, Toolstrek

    Olga Nikolaeva from Tollstrek continued the meeting and talk about Atlassian Service Desk. It turned out a conversation with the guests of the mitap about the reports in the system: how they help the rapid restructuring of processes, when you need to start thinking about them (preferably before planning and launching the system) and how to include measurements in the process.

    “Riada Insight in Jira - what, how and why”, Anton Chemlev

    Anton spoke about the Riada Insight plugin for Jira, which is one of the plug-ins that allow asset management in Jira. I shared the experience of setting up Riada Insight and its use. And told how to squeeze the maximum out of the plugin.

    Links and photo reports

    Playlist with all videos from the event can be found here .
    Photo reports we posted on Facebook and VKontakte .
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