Eh, what happened to the suitcases ?! On the example of a children's suitcase-scooter ZINC

    May is coming, many are leaving for their first holidays with their children, and therefore it’s time to tell you about a fun, albeit very simple thing - a children's “chempokat”.

    In general, lately something strange has been happening with suitcases ...

    Travel accessories are a very complex and overpopulated niche, so everyone tries to capture and improve it in their own way. In addition to names that have already become synonymous with luggage, such as Samsonite or Tumi, suitcases and travel bags can be found in the collections of almost every prestigious brand of clothing.

    What is there to surprise: materials, colors, sizes are all kinds of! It is time to surprise with forms and functionality.

    For a long time we have looked at the category of “geek suitcases” for a long time. Bluesmart's first time was especially impressive .- A GPS suitcase for business trips, which, of course, could not stand it under the onslaught of prohibitions . Now we are impressed by Cowarobot - a suitcase worth under 90 thousand rubles , which is able to go for its owner. Wow, you won’t say otherwise.

    But this, of course, is something semi-fantastic. There are much more strange “get mods” with simpler possibilities. But the main idea is to optimize the movement of the suitcase in space. Who wants to roll a suitcase? Moreover, if only he would drive, but also take us, right? Thus arose the category of "Chemokates" for adults and children.

    And there are already a great many of them for every taste / color / wallet. Adults, judging by the city traffic, love scooters, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that such “suitcase-transport” may well take root in the 30+ age category.

    But it’s obvious that this will be by the way no less for children. A cursory glance at any shopping center now, in early May, perfectly confirms this hypothesis: there is a scooter in almost any, most unexpected showcase.

    Children's suitcases - are they needed at all?

    Of course yes. This will probably be obvious to everyone who has ever traveled with a child on vacation. Until he collects all his favorite toys, of which there are many, he will not budge. To this we add the necessary minimum of clothes, which, often, the child has much more, and it turns out that this is always plus one more suitcase.

    Some of the things, even toys, can be perfectly repacked into a separate "bundle" and delegated to the child. Manufacturers are not shy, and one of the key characteristics when describing children's suitcases is the “pedagogical impact”, help to parents, accustoming to work and responsibility for their things. Why not?

    But at the same time, of course, boring with an ordinary suitcase. The child will begin to feel sad and burdened by his burden. Therefore, the idea of ​​a suitcase-transport seems understandable.

    But unlike other “brothers”, the ZINC suitcase is designed for the child to spend time with him constantly and independently. We already wrote, for example, about a baby suitcase-crib.

    JetKids BedBox - baby crib for little travelers

    It is also a "vehicle", however, it is arranged more likely on the principle of a runbike. The child, when tired of pulling such a suitcase, sits on top, and his parents carry him. Great help.

    Trunki suitcases are made on the same principle ( for example ). However, it seems that riding a horse will quickly get bored, and such a suitcase will soon be in the hands of dad or mom.

    ZINC - scooter suitcase

    Children love scooters, they like to ride, so most likely they will not be difficult to transport their luggage. The suitcase is made soundly. Both the suitcase and the scooter design are very decent and reliable.

    The suitcase is made of durable, impact-resistant nylon material. The lower part, or back, is slightly softer; it bends. The lid of the suitcase is tight and keeps its shape perfectly. The suitcase is divided into two parts with a zipper: It

    opens “forward”. The total volume of the suitcase is 25 liters. On the back, as expected, a constriction, which further fixes the state of things inside.

    On the lid on the inside there is an additional pocket with a zipper.

    The zipper itself looks reliable, it has a smooth ride, and it will be convenient for the child to open and close the suitcase. But it is not very tight.

    In general, ZINC as a suitcase looks very good, and you can take it with you on a trip.

    Suitcase like a scooter

    Here, in terms of reliability, everything is also not bad. The scooter case is made of durable metal, all materials are well-fitted, nothing hangs anywhere.

    The scooter wheel, which is also the handle of the suitcase, extends and has a double lock. On the outside, which does not allow it to fall down:

    And on the inside, which does not allow the steering wheel to fall up, if you pull it.

    The handle is hidden inside the main compartment under the zipper. The length of the visible part of the handle is 75 cm.

    The surface of the handle as a rudder is well made. It is covered with soft comfortable inserts.

    ZINC - a three-wheeled suitcase. This provides stability, safety of movement. Also, two front wheels are the wheels of a suitcase, and not just a scooter, and so it is convenient to carry it when folded.

    The rear wheel is slightly smaller in diameter. The scooter is equipped with a foot brake.

    By itself, the children's suitcase is not very tall, this dictated the size of the platform - it is 35 cm long. An adult can’t stand on it. However, such a scooter has weight restrictions - up to 50 kg.

    The surface is rough, not slippery. When folded, it is slightly sunk into the back, for which there is a special cavity.

    To disassemble the suitcase into a scooter, you need to slightly pull up. Everything is quite simple here, but it is firmly fixed - on the way spontaneously ZINC does not transform.

    You can also see an additional locking hook. In order to fold the suitcase, you also need to pull it slightly - towards yourself.

    Management here is not rotary, but inclined. In order to turn left / right, it is necessary to tilt the handle slightly in one direction or another.

    General conclusions

    ZINC has a good assortment, but this model - a pink owl - is clearly focused mainly on little girls.

    The device is made quite well both as a suitcase and as a scooter. All materials are reliable and sacrifices in favor of one or another design feature are not observed. True, it is obvious that if you load a suitcase, spread it out and not stand on it, it will fall forward.

    The volume of the suitcase should be enough for toys, books, coloring. Older children will perfectly fit their things there. Such a scooter, of course, is not suitable for walking, but can be a very useful companion in a family trip. Suitcase weight approx. 4.7 kg

    May you have a good day!

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