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    podcastPodcast "Web Standards" , Issue No. 172: Events of the year and Frontend Conf in Moscow, why be on a PC, reports and device of the festival
    podcastPodcast "Make me beautiful," Issue No. 15 - Valim from the frontend and Chrome monopoly
    podcastPodcast " devschacht ” # 77 - Benefits of the Timlid mitaps and Node.js 12
    podcastPodcast“ devschacht ” # 76 - What is sound design and how is it taught in Finland
    podcastPodcast“ CSSSR ” : News 512 - Issue No. 48 (20.04 - 26.04)
    videoALL YOUR HTML, # s2e11 : Thanos animation on
    videoproConf # 11 : Frontend Developer Love 2019
    videoFrontSpot Show # 6: JS Developer Development

    Web development

    habrWeb components: 9 projects worth knowing in 2019
    Should a front-end developer be able to write backends?
    enCORS Tutorial: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing Guide
    enCommitting Guide
    enHTTP Headers for Responsible Developers
    enWhy Page Speed ​​Estimates Can Be Dangerous
    enProper Naming to Improve Accessibility


    habrGrid or Flexbox?
    habrCreate a widget using custom CSS properties: embed a custom link to the NHL site
    Amazing CSS Grid Area
    How auto-fill and auto-fit work in CSS Grid
    CSSbattle tutorials . Ilya Streltsyn shares secrets of victories
    enYou just need to know these properties to start loving CSS
    CSS enReference: a handy CSS guide for developers
    enCSS has finally come of age?
    enHow to create a filter component in pure CSS
    enDiagonal containers in CSS
    enTailwind CSS: is it tomorrow's bootstrap?
    enProgressive font enrichment: rethinking web performance
    enRelative size with EM
    enNew Sass Docs documentation


    habrUsing JavaScript console in browsers
    habrDeno - new Node.js?
    habrSvelte 3: Rethinking reactivity
    Issue server-platform JavaScript Node.js 12.0
    enIn jQuery Fixed vulnerability pollution the prototype
    enHow to validate your requests GraphQL using ESLint
    enHow to use getters and setters in JavaScript
    enIntroduction to Storybook: organization of how you create JS components
    enHow to create workable JavaScript specifications
    enDesign Patterns Game - A game to test your ownership of popular design patterns implemented in JavaScript.
    enFaster input field events with Facebook's first contribution to browser APIs


    Release of Chrome 74
    The stable version of Chrome 74 has a dark design and protection against detection by incognito sites
    enWhat's new in DevTools (Chrome 75)
    enNew in Firefox 66: CSS Grid animation


    Microsoft employees supported the GitHub repository, which may be closed under pressure from the Chinese authorities
    OpenAI introduced the “AI Orchestra” - the MuseNet neural network
    Mozilla refuses IRC as a communication platform
    Google provided a choice of search engines and browsers for European Android users
    Phishers use GitHub for fraudulent operations
    Worst sound volume management UI
    Why blurring doesn’t hide sensitive information badly

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