AMA with Habr. V.8.0. Onboarding, news for everyone, PWA

    April is the month of subbotniks. Our team also held a virtual subbotnik and put things in order with some questions on Habré - which means that we again have a portion of news for you. Today we are holding the next session of questions and answers ( the AMA ). Habr users and the Habr team can chat on business and without. If someone forgot to look at the calendar, today is the last Friday of April, which means it's time: you - ask questions and write suggestions, we only have time to answer them and replenish the endless backlog. Unaddressed can ask any questions, write "question for the designer," or refer specifically to any employee: baragol - chief editor boomburum - head of the department for combating work with users

    buxley - technical director
    daleraliyorov - manager of Habra
    illo - art director of
    karaboz - chief for My Circle
    nomad_77 - chief for Toaster
    pas - system administrator
    salenda - main for Freelansim
    soboleva - main customer service

    Traditionally in AMA posts we talk about what we have done over the course of a month. This time the changelog is as follows.

    List of changes

    1. Onboarding

    Our survey showed that it can be difficult for beginners to get comfortable on the site - for example, they don’t know what type of account they have, what they can do with it, what kind of karma it is, how to set up a feed, etc. It’s hard to imagine what it is like for English-speaking users.

    Therefore, we did a little onboarding, which should help solve this problem. In addition to the compressed educational part, it allows you to subscribe to collections of hubs - for example, to front-end hubs, to telecom-related topics, administration, etc.

    If you are not a beginner, but also want to go onboarding and subscribe to collections of hubs, then here is a link (keep in mind that the current settings of the tape will be overwritten).

    2. News

    We launched the news section a month ago and temporarily this type of publication was available only to the editorial staff. From today, news can be published by all owners of full accounts. Click "Write" in the upper right corner → select the type of publication "News" → write the most important in essence. The form for creating a post is the same as for regular publications, just “News” will be in another section - no one will swear there if the post is short or will be supplemented. The only thing, before publishing, it is advisable to check whether the news has already been published on Habré earlier.

    Also combed the news block a bit, added counters for new comments to it. The best news will go to the post digest with publications (you can subscribe here ):

    Also, every week they began to do news bulletins - for those who have very little time. An example .

    3. Sandbox

    The changes are more administrative to make it more convenient to work with the sandbox. But for beginners a little comfort was added. Now the publication sent for moderation (in the sandbox) will be visible in the user’s profile, and the moderator’s comment (if the material should be further developed) will be visible on the publication page (it was previously displayed on the editing page).

    What does it look like

    By the way, are you interested in reading about how the sandbox works?

    4. Scrolling tables

    Large tables have long been a problem on Habré (and beyond). Very few can solve this problem, few can do it: either everything will be very small, or everything will corrode, or scrolls appear, or is inserted by a picture. Each option has its pros and cons. But we thought and decided that the best option for us is to make tables with a scroll so that they can be viewed in full size on any of the devices. So now wide tables will scroll. If someone has encountered such a problem in old publications, then simply re-save them.

    Table example
    Another oneNotNotNot

    5. PWA plans

    This news will be most liked by those who still use the Habr mobile application (which we ceased to support for a number of reasons). We decided to do PWA , for which we prepared all the necessary infrastructure for the mobile version.

    Soon there will be a beta version of the new architecture of the mobile version, after which we will put all our efforts into creating the best pwa ever.

    One more thing ...

    We think here over one thing, but so far at the concept level :)

    Have a good weekend!

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