Career change at 35. My experience and first successes


My name is Marat, I’m 40 years old (still 25 in my heart, my wife is laughing), I live in Kharkov and want to share my thoughts.


At the age of 25, with a small baggage of knowledge in the field of programming, I was not boldly afraid, as one commentator on Ukrainian television used to say, I began self-training in programming in 1C. The years were young, work argued, and although this type of activity has a lot of negative qualities, in any business you can achieve success and earn respect and other benefits. In general, 10 years have passed in the works, training and approvals. And then several circumstances came together at once, thanks to which I decided to go on an “increase" in android, starting from absolute zero. I even had a push-button telephone at that time (2014). It should be noted that for 1s developers this is rather difficult, because 1s itself is a complete product and it does not develop the ability to learn other technologies. But on the contrary, I needed a radical impetus to restart thinking.fart uncle who is not ready for change. As a result, after six months of self-training, luck smiled at me and they took me as an intern!

The birth of an idea

So, at 36, I changed the development vector and got to work. I can say that I worked with the same perseverance as in 1s, but the increase in the level of knowledge and thinking (in my opinion) was superior.
In general, I was almost pleased with myself and, in addition, unexpectedly for everyone, I got married and became a dad. And then it began. I was always economical in terms of expenses, kept records during the repair, but in general I knew the whole structure of expenses and income over the past 10 years in my mind. Keeping records in the program on an ongoing basis for family finances seemed to me an unnecessary waste of time.

In general, know when the first child is born, everything changes. In a state somewhere between panic and hysteria, I decided to start keeping family records of money. I dug up the applications from the top ten and chose what suited. It is functional, it has a million downloads. About 9 months later, a wonderful idea was born to do what is needed, and to make it convenient and enjoyable. Because there were flaws that became critical over time.

It's all about the reports. 1c is a powerful accounting tool, and it has the most advanced technologies for generating reports. My former colleagues will confirm that in the reports I was Chuck Norris. So, I have not seen a single application in which the reports showed me any information that I want to find. And quickly and easily. Awareness of this increased with each passing day, I kept records, but its analysis became more and more difficult.


In general, I was desperate and wanted to know everything about my expenses. In a state of affect, I did not think that the project could be delayed or not end at all. I had to try. I took a chance and did not regret it, although there was more work than I thought. It was a mixture of the pleasure of work, lack of sleep and brainstorming. I did everything myself, only my sister painted 2 pictures, for which, taking this opportunity, I send my regards. Well, of course, in the best traditions, I carried out the implementation and launch on my account. He abandoned the old program right away. And now after 4 months I am proudly sharing with all my creations.

Technically, inside is:
Firestore database
Firebase functions
Firebase deeplink


1. Instant notifications of family members about actions in the system. Receive push notifications about purchases, transfers, revenues, editing categories.

2. Use the level of detail that suits you. When entering income or expenses, you can specify categories or subcategories.

3. Simple and detailed reports
- detailing by categories or wallets
- detailing by periods (day, week, month, quarter, year)
- totals by categories, by clicking on categories, the report is built by subcategories or vice versa

4. Planning (orders, they are shopping list)

5. Multicurrency.

6. History of actions in the system

7. Convenient and visual journal with filters and totals

8. Can be used for work. For example, the foreman estimates costs, the customer can see everything online.


The plans include the development of functionality, development of the iOS version.

The application can be downloaded from the link (it is free, there are no ads or any purchases).

I would like to know the opinion of the community, wishes and comments.

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