Intervertebral hernia? Work on her

    Attention! This article does not call for self-medication! It is not advertising. People are unique, there is no single scheme for everyone.

    The article will have a more motivational color than a scattering of medical terms. Nevertheless, I consider it a place to be, as a real story of the transition from despair to a good result.


    At 22, I became the proud owner of 4 hernias of the lumbar spine. It was a shock for me, because I love an active lifestyle and sports in general. How they appeared is hard to say. It’s just that at some point my back started to hurt on an increasing basis. Relying on Russian maybe, I continued to play my favorite football and played out.


    Hiking in neuropathologists began. One massaged his back, pricked his leg with a needle: "You have no hernias." The second one was sent for X-ray and asked a bunch of questions: "Young man, you have no hernias." Relieved by these words, I continued to inject some sort of blockade, vitamins and painkillers. The pain did not go away, and I decided to go to an MRI. A young lady at the reception, holding out a piece of paper with a diagnosis, smiled sweetly and said: "So young, and already 4 hernias." I looked at the leaf with bulging eyes. 0.9 cm, 0.8 cm, 0.5 cm and 0.5 cm from the bottom up, the channel is not narrowed.

    The search for truth

    Medical trips continued, but with MRI in his hands. For 4 years I tried a lot and spent a lot of money. Most claimed to end with sports and do only therapeutic exercises. But the love of football did its job, and I was not going to put up with it.
    Regular injections of auflutop, electrophoresis with karipain, vitamins, blockades, therapeutic exercises, a swimming pool and much more did not give the necessary effect and freedom of movement. Doctors offered various operations. Such as cold plasma nucleoplasty, replacement of vertebrae with German titanium. Probably, such people are driven by monetary gain, because I was embarrassed how willingly they wanted to put me under the knife, not guaranteeing a positive result. I even ended up on the floors of the neurosurgery of a hospital, with a medical card filled out and a referral for surgery, thank God I got off my feet on time!

    After reading books, watching a video on the Internet, it was decided to treat the back comprehensively, without surgical intervention. By this time, I had already managed to lose shape and gain extra pounds.

    Anyway, I went in for sports. Not as active, of course, as before, but engaged. After the games, the back began to hurt after 2 hours. If I tensed very much, without limiting myself, the next day I could not walk.


    I despaired. 4 years nothing helped me. The measures that I took were enough only for everyday routine. And I wanted to live a full life. Skiing, playing soccer to the fullest.

    There is a desire, but where to direct forces is not clear. I decided to contact the next medical center specializing in treating the back with physical exercises. I did not feel much enthusiasm, but I wanted to try their technique.

    Before the first training, a doctor examined me. A prerequisite was an MRI scan. The examination lasted about 20 minutes. Then there was a conversation in which the doctor was 100% sure that he could help me. He filled out a training card, which indicated the types of exercises and the increasing load from lesson to lesson.

    The first cycle included 12 lessons. Workout Plan:

    • warm-up (10 minutes);
    • directly exercises with a personal trainer (40 minutes):
      • most exercises on the back of the thigh;
      • general strengthening exercises;
    • stretching (stretching exercises and flexibility with a personal masseur, 15 minutes);
    • sauna (as much as you like).

    I liked it there. The trainers told / showed the correct technique for doing the exercises, were friendly and welcoming. From the first days I noticed a positive trend. Bending down became easier, the notorious pains began to fade into the background. When you feel the result, you begin to believe in this technique, cling to it as a last chance and begin to fulfill all the recommendations implicitly and efficiently.

    In one of the trainings, in the stretching room, the masseur went overboard (or rather he overstepped me) and I again felt a sharp pain that lasted until the next session. I complained to the head doctor, he reassured me and sent me to freeze. On the lower back they brought about freezing and sent them to practice as usual. The pain disappeared at the end of the lesson.

    In the same center, I tried 5 sessions of shock wave therapy, since I heard a lot about it. Feeling good. I felt all my ever pinched nerves. It didn’t make me worse, only better. But I didn’t have the “wow” effect, like some of them did.

    Along with training, I continued to go to the pool once a week. There I sailed about 1.7-2 km in 1 hour, depending on my mood. Styles alternated with 100 meters of brass, 100 meters of crawl, 100 meters on the back. After the swim, there was also a positive dynamics in the lower back, the pain was practically not strained.

    Of course, proper nutrition. Excess weight in the treatment of back plays a very bad role. It is necessary to get rid of fat. I did not adhere to strict diets, but I returned my constant 86 kilograms from 94 yo in a couple of months.

    Vitamin complexes. I don’t know how much they help, but for reinsurance I decided to drink the most common ones. Calcium with d3 and common vitamins for the whole body.

    I think the most important thing is morning exercises for the back. Below I will give the charging option that I was offered at the medical center.

    With fear for the result, I went to the football field. I gave it all in full. And ... ... voila! Nothing hurts even the next day. A week-long trip to the mountains also pleased. No matter how I fly, my back feels great.

    Maintaining Result

    An important part of success is the long preservation of a painless period. Since 12 lessons in the center cost 12,000 rubles, which is essentially a penny compared to how much I spent on any crap, it still hit my pocket. But most of the exercises could be done by yourself. Having bought special tubular elastic bands, cuffs on my feet, having screwed an anchor bolt into the wall, I began to repeat all the most important exercises, exactly in accordance with the technique, myself.

    Every morning, I start by charging for the back. The most important thing here is not to be lazy and force yourself to make it a habit. After all, regular exercise is 50% success.

    Charging (neatly, the most impressionable may find this an advertisement)


    Let us try to summarize a small sammari from the foregoing:

    1. Contact the medical center and remember all the exercises and the technique for their implementation;
    2. Exercise every morning;
    3. Go to the pool;
    4. Do not gain extra pounds;
    5. Do exercises for the lower back at home or in any gym;
    6. Stretch the back of the thigh as much as possible;
    7. Cheer up, if something does not work out, there is always a way out, work on your back, your health!

    I repeat once again. These measures may not be suitable for you. The diagnoses of all are completely different. The main thing is to complain less and do more. Try new methods and technologies. If you have already overcome this ailment, I will be glad to see your story in the comments. Good luck to everyone and straighten your back!

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